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 Devara (2024) Film Cast, Budget, Box Office, Story, Real Name, Wiki, Release Date



The film is reported to have a budget of ₹300 crore ($36 million).

Box Office (as of today, March 22, 2024)

The film has not been released yet. It is scheduled to release on October 10, 2024, so there is no box office data available.


Devara: Part 1 is described as an epic action saga set on coastal lands. It follows the story of Devara, the titular protagonist, who is a protector of the weak and a threat to evildoers. The plot is expected to involve emotional moments and rip-roaring action sequences spread across a historical timeline. However, specific details about the story are yet to be revealed.

Real Name

Devara translates to "God" in English.


You can find more details on the film's Wikipedia page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devara:_Part_1

Release Date

Devara: Part 1 is scheduled for a theatrical release on October 10, 2024, coinciding with the Dussehra festival in India. The film was originally planned for an April 2024 release but was postponed.

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