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Is Diljit Dosanjh Married? Rumors Swirl Again

There's always a buzz around celebrities' personal lives, and Bollywood is no different. Lately, rumors about singer Diljit Dosanjh's marital status have resurfaced. The question everyone seems to be asking: is he married?

This isn't new. Whispers about Diljit being married have been around for a while. But the singer has always shut them down, calling them untrue.

Here's the twist: some people believe Diljit, who lives in the United States, is actually married with a son! His wife's name is said to be Sandeep Kaur, but details about her are a complete mystery.

Why so secretive? Diljit has spoken about wanting to protect his family from the harsh world of media scrutiny and negativity. He once said he doesn't want his loved ones to be judged or trolled online if his work doesn't do well.

So, did someone accidentally reveal the truth? An old video of actress Kiara Advani is making people suspicious. During promotions for a movie, Kiara mentioned being the only one out of the four actors who didn't have children. Fans believe this might be a slip-up that confirms Diljit's married status.

Adding fuel to the fire, some Reddit users claim everyone in Punjab knows about Diljit's wife and son. They even suggest he moved to the US with his family for safety reasons after a controversial song.

This isn't the first time a Bollywood celeb's marriage has been a secret. Singers Badshah and Honey Singh were both rumored to have hidden marriages for a long time.

Whether the rumors about Diljit are true or not remains a mystery. One thing's for sure, his desire for privacy keeps people guessing!

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