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Director Lokesh Kanagaraj is poised to make his acting debut alongside Shruti Haasan and Kamal Haasan. Although it may not be for a feature-length film just yet, the director of 'Leo' and 'Vikram' recently filmed a music video titled 'Inimel' with Shruti, leaving fans surprised. The teaser featured glimpses of intimate scenes between Shruti and Lokesh.

Shruti Haasan is the composer and conceptualizer of the music video, while the lyrics are written by Kamal Haasan. On Thursday, Lokesh and Shruti unveiled the teaser of the song, suggesting it to be a romantic track. The video depicts Shruti and Lokesh engaging in numerous romantic interactions, such as teasing each other, playfully bickering at the club, and sharing intimate moments on the couch.

The music video was produced by Kamal Haasan and R Mahendran with Dwarkesh Prabakar directing it. The video has sparked a frenzy on the internet. Many expressing disbelief that Lokesh would act alongside Shruti. A user said, "Lokesh rocked, people are shocked." Another added, "Loki is a different kind of dark romantic person."

Amid this, Vikram actress Gayathrie Shankar, took to her social media and wrote, "Unga padathula romance panna thalayai vettittu.. What is this ma @Dir_Lokesh!? (You chopped my head off when I did romance in your film, what is this?)."

About Inimel

Meanwhile, on February 6, Kamal Haasan's production house, Raajkamal Films International (RKFI), unveiled Shruti Haasan and director Lokesh Kanagaraj poster from the film. Notably, the team introduced the tagline, 'Inimel Delulu is the new Solulu'. Sharing the news, the production house captioned, "Inimel Delulu is the New Solulu #IdhuveyRelationship #IdhuveySituationship #IdhuveyDelusionship."

What's more for Shruti Haasan?

Shruti Haasan has firmly established herself as a successful actor with her recent action-packed hit 'Salaar'. Now, she is preparing for another pan-India project called 'Dacoit', where she shares the lead role with Adivi Sesh. Describing 'Dacoit', Shruti previously referred to the film as "a unique tale," expressing, "The story is filled with anger, passion and elegance. I’m truly excited to be a part of Dacoit."

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