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Jitendra Kumar Opens Up About Insecurity with Hindi Medium Education

Jitendra Kumar, the actor you might know as Jeetu Bhaiya from the popular web series "Kota Factory" and "Panchayat," recently talked about how his childhood in a small village affected him. He said that he always felt like he was at a disadvantage because he was educated in Hindi medium schools.

This feeling of insecurity only got worse when he moved to Mumbai to become an actor. In an interview with Raj Shamani on YouTube, Jitendra admitted that his Hindi medium background was a big concern for him.

He explained that when you meet people who went to English medium schools, it can feel like you're from different worlds. It gets even tougher when everyone around you, even your family, seems to praise the kids who went to English schools.

"Imagine this," Jitendra said. "Your parents are super impressed with some other kid because they speak English well. It makes you feel insecure. You start thinking, 'Why wasn't I put in an English medium school?' When your own family seems to value English more, it can feel really isolating."

Jitendra also talked about how the film industry in India, Bollywood, seems to favor English. Even though actors perform in Hindi movies, they often speak English behind the scenes. He said that this "special treatment" for English isn't just a problem in Bollywood, it's everywhere.

"Other countries take pride in their own languages and use them widely," Jitendra said. "Here in India, it's like English is the most important language, and that can make people feel insecure. But once you realize that this whole idea of English being better isn't true, then those insecurities can go away."

By the way, for those who haven't seen them yet, Jitendra will be back in new seasons of both "Kota Factory" and "Panchayat."

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