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Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor Reunite for Spooky Laughs in Upcoming Movie "Kapkapiii"

Get ready for a hilarious scare fest! Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor are teaming up again to bring you "Kapkapiii," a brand new horror-comedy movie.

This isn't your typical movie. If you're tired of all the serious thrillers and patriotic films out there, "Kapkapiii" promises to be a refreshing change of pace. Directed by Sangeeth Sivan, who's known for making audiences laugh with movies like "Kya Kool Hain Hum" and "Apna Sapna Money Money," this film is sure to tickle your funny bone.


Here's why you should be excited:

  • A Reunion of Comedy Kings: Remember the hilarious duo from the "Golmaal" series? Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor are back together! Talpade says working with them again feels like being with family.

  • Genuine Scares and Side-Splitting Laughs: "Kapkapiii" isn't all jokes. The movie promises to deliver genuine scares that will make you jump, along with laugh-out-loud moments that will have you rolling in the aisles.

  • Something New for Tusshar Kapoor: Kapoor is excited to play a character unlike any he's done before. He also praises the script and the positive energy on set, especially his connection with director Sangeeth Sivan.

  • A Star-Studded Cast: It's not just Talpade and Kapoor bringing the laughs. The movie also features actors like Sonia Rathee, Siddhi Idnani, Jay Thakkar, and many more.

  • Highly Anticipated Horror-Comedy: With the horror-comedy genre becoming increasingly popular, "Kapkapiii" is expected to be a big hit with fans who love a good scare mixed with tons of laughter.

Produced by Jayesh Patel under the banner of Bravo Entertainment, "Kapkapiii" is a movie to keep your eye on. There's no official release date yet, but with this much anticipation, it's sure to be a laugh riot you won't want to miss!

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