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Vikrant Massey's New Movie "The Sabarmati Report" to Release in May 2024

Vikrant Massey is fresh off the success of his hit movie "12th Fail," which was both a box office success and critically acclaimed. He's now gearing up for another powerful film, "The Sabarmati Report."

This new movie tackles a serious subject: the burning of the Sabarmati Express train in Gujarat in 2002, an event that deeply impacted India. A teaser trailer for the film has been released, piquing audience interest.

Sharing the News and Release Date

Vikrant himself shared the teaser on social media, writing: "A shocking event that changed the course of Indian history forever. Presenting #TheSabarmatiReport, coming to theaters on May 3rd, 2024."

The Cast and Crew

The movie hits theaters on May 3, 2024, and stars Vikrant Massey alongside Raashii Khanna and Ridhi Dogra in important roles.

Vikrant Massey Opens Up About His Career Journey

In a recent interview, Vikrant spoke about his early career days in the television industry, where he was earning a significant amount of money - Rs 35 lakh per month. He revealed that despite the financial security, he felt unfulfilled by the repetitive content on TV. He craved the opportunity to do more meaningful work in films.

A Difficult Choice: Financial Security vs. Passion

Vikrant explained, "I made a lot of money on TV. I even bought my own house at the young age of 24. But at the same time, I felt trapped by the limited content on television. I wanted to break free and try my luck in movies. Even though the money was great, it didn't bring me satisfaction."

He continued, "I finally made the decision to leave TV when I had fulfilled all my financial obligations to my family. Quitting a high-paying job like that was a shock to my parents, especially considering my middle-class background. But I knew I had to prioritize good work and finding peace in my career."

Vikrant Massey's Upcoming Projects

Apart from "The Sabarmati Report," Vikrant has another movie lined up - "Phir Aayi Haseen Dilbruba." This film also features Taapsee Pannu, Sunny Kaushal, and Jimmy Shergil.

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