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There's a Lot of Buzz About the New Ramayana Movie!

There's a lot of excitement building up for the upcoming Ramayana movie! Here's a breakdown of the latest casting rumors:

  • Sakshi Tanwar Not Part of the Cast: There were rumors that actress Sakshi Tanwar would be playing Ravana's wife in the movie. However, she has cleared the air, saying she wasn't even approached for the role. This is a good reminder that not all movie news online is true.

  • Yash as Ravana (Maybe): There's a strong possibility that KGF star Yash will be playing the villainous Ravana, but this hasn't been officially confirmed by the movie makers or Yash himself.

  • Who will play Ravana's Wife?: There's no official word on who will be playing Ravana's wife in the movie. Reports suggesting fans' disapproval of a rumored casting are simply not true.

  • Ravi Dubey as Lakshmana? Earlier, there were talks about actor Ravi Dubey being considered for the role of Lakshmana, Rama's brother. But again, this hasn't been officially confirmed.

  • The Confirmed Cast: Here's what we know for sure:

    • Ranbir Kapoor as Rama: The talented Ranbir Kapoor will be bringing the character of Lord Rama to life on the big screen.

    • Arun Govil as Dasharatha: The legendary Arun Govil, who played Rama in the classic Ramayana TV series, will be in the movie too, this time as Rama's father, King Dasharatha.

    • Janhvi Kapoor as Sita: Actress Janhvi Kapoor has been cast as Sita, Rama's wife. This casting choice has generated a lot of interest among fans.

Overall, there's a lot of excitement and anticipation surrounding the Ramayana movie. With some big names confirmed and other roles yet to be filled, fans are eagerly waiting for more news!

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