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Photoshop was basically designed for the experts to create designs and templates according to the requirement, but believe me, Photoshop is the most exploited app from your store. An imperfect Photoshop can be injurious to your reputation, but a typical Photoshop fail can even give you a laughter attack.

And, when it comes to India, where fans worship their favorite movie stars, Photoshop fail reaches to its peak. Don’t believe? So checkout these ten most hilarious Photoshop done by the fans which sailed deeper than titanic, here you go!

Well, is that a huge whale? non it is just a huge Katrina Kaif swimming next to his fan! XD

I don’t think so Salman Khan is too pleased to take a selfie with this fan!

Well, isn’t Genelia too HUGE to be with this man? Someone call Reteish!

What wrong in this picture? The man is just enjoying a ride with Kareena Kapoor who is quite tall, and EDITED!

I don’t know how this man got the courage to mess with Rajnikant!!!

Till I remember, I saw Aditya Roy Kapoor in this movie, oh well maybe time changes! XD

Clicking a picture with Dia Mirza is no wrong, but hey watch your hand, and also your eyes!!!

Well this man not only removed Shah Rukh, but also threw out his name out of the title. A must watch movie !

I wish this man ever thought about picking a picture of Aish in a sober dress, I mean like, no one dresses this way in a park!

WHO LOOKS BETTER? Well this picture should be noticed by Ranveer Singh soon!

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Source: Bollywoodpapa

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