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A film actor who is not in the limelight and cannot be recognized by even his fans today. Who acted so well in his second movie role and won a Filmfare Award. Yes! We are talking about the famous actors Chandrakur Singh. But his fate changed that today he is unemployed. Today we will tell you the whole story of Chandrarchur.

Chandrachur was honored with the Filmfare Award for the film 'Maachis'. After that, she worked in Kya Kehna, Josh and alike movies and most of them were hit films. After nearly a dozen films, Chandrachud Singh suddenly disappeared from the movies. They stopped working in films.
Chandrachur is now living some of the harsh days that he is not getting any work in TV serials and in films. There was a time when thousands were fans of this chocolate boy. In 1996, Chandrachur started his film career with his film Tera Mere Sapne.

Chandrachur faced a terrible accident in 2000. He was riding a boat in Goa. That is when this incident happened and their shoulders were badly wounded. After this, Chandrachud's career got stalled. Chandrachur took about 10 years to recover from this accident.

The economic condition of Chandrachur's house also got worse during this time. In the year 2012, he made a comeback with the film 'Chaar Din Ki Chandni'. But this film flopped. Because of his small career, Chandrachud has forgotten everyone. Now Alam is that he is not getting up to the TV serial.

Thanks to current OTT platform that we got to see him working on screen after so many years, as he acted in Hotstar webseries "Aarya" alongside Sushmita Sen

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