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Imlie upcoming story: Anu slits Imlie's Dress

Imli upcoming story:

In the upcoming Imli serial episodes, Anu makes an arrangement to affront Imlie and cuts Imlie's dress with a blade.

The current story of Imlie serial spins around Aparna making a passionate solicitation to Aditya to not wed Malini.

Further, Malini harms herself for not getting the great tone to her Mehandi and asks God to change Aditya even later marriage.

Presently according to the Imlie serial tattles Anu will part Imlie's dress and Aditya will notice and races to illuminate her.

Further, Aryan will pull Imlie near him and hold her tight and shock her and everyone with his activities.

We should perceive how Aditya will respond to Aryan's activities in upcoming episodes of Imli.

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