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Imlie upcoming story: Aryan Disrespects Imlie

Imlie upcoming story:

In the upcoming Imlie serial episodes, Imlie will drive Aryan's vehicle with a ton of certainty and bliss.

The current story of Imlie serial rotates around Aparna slapping and reprimanding Aditya for his horrendous conduct towards Imlie.

Further Aryan makes Imlie drive his vehicle saying to her that it is as old as farm truck.

Aryan makes Imlie sure with his words and makes her drive unafraid.

Presently according to the upcoming spots of Imlie, Imlie drives Aryan's vehicle with bliss and trust in her face.

Aditya questions Imlie for corrupting herself as an Aryan driver and individual associate from being companions and Imlie says we need to arrive at statures exclusively by doing little things first.

Imlie felt glad for herself for driving a big vehicle without precedent for her life.

We should see what will Imlie do next later on spoilers of Imlie.

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