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Pandya Store Gossip: Dhara gets cheated when she goes to sell her jewelry

Pandya Store Gossip:

In the upcoming Pandya Store episodes, Dhara will get frightened when she chances upon a man.

The man will let Dhara know that he has a gem dealer where she can trade adornments.

Such a long ways in the Pandya Store serial, Dhara comes to be aware of Suman's arrangement for orchestrating the cash.

In actuality, Dhara chooses to take care of the advance first by selling her gems.

Presently according to the Pandya Store serial tattles, Dhara will catch a man who sees adornments in her grasp.

The man will recommend Dhara offer the adornments to him.

Prior to taking Dhara to the shop, the man will sedate Dhara.

Subsequently, the man will take Dhara to his office and will get hold of her adornments by tricking her, as per the upcoming bits of the Pandya Store serial.

We should see whether Dhara will actually want to save her adornments, in the upcoming story of the Pandya Store serial.

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