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Sirf Tum upcoming story: Riya jealous of Suhani

 Sirf Tum upcoming story:

Later on Sirf Tum serial episodes, Riya will see Ranveer being mindful and overprotective with Suhani and will get desirous.

The current story of Sirf Tum serial spins around Ranveer arriving at Suhani's home and eating with her family while she attempts to converse with him however he disregards her.

Further, Ranveer goes to visit his mom who gets tense subsequent to compromising Asha available to work to never call her better half's telephone again and persuaded Ranveer to leave the lodging and remain at home.

Presently according to the spoilers of Sirf Tum, Suhani will understand that her injury has enlarged and will choose to not go to class because of agony while Ranveer will contact her home with a rescue vehicle to take her.

Nonetheless, Riya will get desirous seeing Ranveer really focusing such a great amount on Suhani and will be irritated that he went with a rescue vehicle to get Suhani due to her injury, as per the tattles of Sirf Tum.

We should perceive how might Riya manage Ranveer and Suhani drawing nearer in the upcoming bits of Sirf Tum.

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