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Udaariyaan spoiler: Buzzo Finds Fateh

Udaariyaan spoiler:

In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Buzzo will track down Fateh out and about yet Fateh will ask him not to inform anybody concerning it.

The current story of Udariyan rotates around Jasmine attempting to get once more into her parent's home while Fateh sits on the side of the road.

Then again, Tejo sees Angad being discourteous to his girl and considers what drives Angad so mad.

Presently, according to the tattles of Udaariyan, Fateh will demand Buzzo to conceal the reality of him being in Punjab from everybody.

Fateh will advise Buzzo to say that he is getting a charge out of Jasmine in Canada in case Tejo at any point gets some information about him.

In the interim, Jasmine will slip into Virk's home to check whether Fateh has returned there, as indicated by the upcoming story of Udaria.

Allow us to see what occurs straightaway, in the upcoming touches of the Udariya serial.

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