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Imlie upcoming story: Aditya Asks For Divorce From Imlie

 Imlie upcoming story:

In the upcoming Imlie serial episodes, Aditya will request that Imlie sign legal documents to cut off their marriage friendship.

The current story of the Imlie serial rotates around Aryan allotting an unjustifiable assignment of talking a Bollywood entertainer to Aditya.

Aryan additionally requests that Imlie allot the new task to Aditya.

Further, the entertainer Pooja yells at Aditya for posing her immaterial inquiries separated from the film, and the entertainer leaves the spot with outrage.

Presently according to the upcoming touches of Imlie, Aditya requests that Imlie sign the legal documents to cut off their marriage friendship and sets fire on his and Imlie's marriage photograph.

Further, Aditya additionally needs Malini to assume entire liability of his youngsters later on.

We should check whether Imlie will sign the legal documents or not in the upcoming story of Imlie.

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