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Udaariyaan spoiler: Tejo asks Angad to maintain distance from her

 Udaariyaan spoiler:

In the upcoming Udariyaan serial episodes, Tejo will let Angad know that she isn't sure if she knows him.

Further, Tejo will say that they are not accomplices any longer and Angad ought to avoid her.

The current story of Udariyan spins around Jasmine choosing to retaliate for her messed up heart.

Jasmine and Fateh leave the city while Tejo chooses to proceed with her new life.

Presently, according to the tattles of Udaariyan, Fateh will get into a battle with an assistant at the inn.

Then again, Angad will ask Tejo the justification for her peculiar conduct with him. Tejo will answer to him that she never knew Angad right.

Somewhere else, Jasmine will camouflage herself with adornments.

Jasmine will intend to get back at Tejo and Fateh, as indicated by the upcoming story of Udaria.

Allow us to see what Jasmine plans, in the upcoming touches of the Udariya serial.

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