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Small-budget films have begun to receive increasing emphasis as the internet continues to make more content accessible to the public. Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pankaj Tripathi are now being recognized for their outstanding performances. Before these men took Bollywood by surprise, there was a Bengali actor named Rahul Bose who was making an impact in the field.

Though the actor has gone from collective memory in recent years considering how strong he has been in the prior years of his career relating to Bollywood, we’d love to see him in the cinema again.

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These are some of the best Rahul Bose films, demonstrating that he really is the Hindi film industry’s most underrated actors:

1. Shaurya – 2008

In this film, Rahul Bose portrays an army officer with swagger and class. Shaurya is adaptation of the Hollywood masterpiece A Few Good Men succeeds in preserving the core of the source while giving it an Indian twist. Even when the chances looked to be heaped against him, Rahul Bose managed to make us empathize about the case. For any cinephile, this cult classic is a must-see.

Rahul Bose Shaurya
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2. Pyaar Ke Side Effects – 2006

Rom-Coms has been a real thing to watch and enjoy. No matter how normal a film of that genre looks, it’s actually difficult to pull off because of the previous visual appeal of audiences from other films of the same genre.

Bose has again demonstrated how good acting can enhance the enjoyment of a fun-to-watch film. Almost every ‘excellent’ actor who makes the transition to popular movies loses his or her charisma. Rahul Bose did a fantastic job in this blockbuster film, combining his outstanding acting ability with a much more mass appeal of an entertainer.

Rahul Bose Movies- Rahul Bose Pyaar Ke Side Effects

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3. Chameli – 2003

In a film on the world of a sex worker, Rahul Bose provided the viewers with someone to empathize with.

Chameli is a project, which undoubtedly has to be one of the most underappreciated popular star-driven films in recent memory. The brilliance of a simple plot about a girl who uses prostitution as her main source of income and a guy who is stranded with her for the night is woven into a lovely narrative. The performance is superb, and the personalities linger in your mind long after you’ve seen the film.

Best Rahul Bose Movies- Chameli

4. The Japanese Wife – 2010

The story follows a young Bengali school teacher, who teaches students from rural areas. The character is played by Rahul. He marries his Japanese pen pal over writings and stays devoted to her all his lifetime, despite never seeing her. This film about forbidden love for someone you’ve never met is a classic.

Best Rahul Bose Movies - The Japanese Wife

5. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer – 2002

Rahul Bose gave a one-of-a-kind portrayal in a Bollywood industry, that shies away from touchy subjects like rioting.

The plot follows Konkona Sen Sharma (as Meenakshi Iyer) and Rahul Bose (as Raja Chowdhury, a Bengali Muslim photojournalist who works mainly on the wildlife areas) on a disastrous bus journey set against the backdrop of ethnic unrest in India. Mr. and Mrs. Iyer is a masterpiece of a film that should not be missed and apparently, it can be enjoyed time after time since it beautifully portrays human feelings in curfews.

Underrated Hindi Films-Mr. and Mrs. Iyer

6. Kalpurush – 2005

The Academy Award-winning film was about many things, but ie made us care about a purely abstract character who is still dealing with his father’s issues.

The multi-award-winning film portrays the story in a non-linear manner, with two timelines portrayed at the same time. Rahul Bose is married to Sameera Reddy, with whom he had an adulterous affair. Rahul tries to make contact with his long-lost father (Mithun Chakraborty), while Sameera fantasies of escaping her suffocating domestic life. If you’ve not seen this film yet, you should.

Rahul Bose Bengali Movie - Kalpurush

7. Jhankaar Beats – 2003

The wacky Bollywood musical required some standout results from its cast, and once again, Bose provided.

Jhankaar Beats swaggered its way into our hearts and memory as one of the greatest legendary hits in modern years. Because of the outstanding performance and simple plot, the Bollywood musical will be remembered by the present generation.

Rahul Bose Bollywood movies- Jhankaar Beats

8. Bombay Boys – 1998

Bose gave one of his greatest performances in this cult classic from the 1990s. It’s difficult to think of another performer who could have taken his place.

It is set in the present Mumbai and follows the exploits of three young people (or Bombay). The lads are all of the Indian descent, yet they were all living in the United States. In a classic East meets West story, the Bombay lads must struggle for what they desire in a nation where their habits seem foreign.

Best Rahul Bose Movies To Watch - Bombay Boys

9. Split Wide Open – 1999

The video largely focuses on water problems in Mumbai slums and pedophilia, but it also examines clandestine sensuality in contemporary India and also how ethics is tested when sex and poverty clash.

Rahul Bose movie Split Wide Open

10. English, August – 1994

Bose got even better in this film as a virtually obscure performer who had to live up to the anticipation of a masterpiece that deals with something so foreign to the Indian viewers.
This film sparked a new generation of Bollywood movies and is regarded as a cornerstone in Indian cinema today.

English, August is a significant film for the present generation of cool kids who are also called Gen Z, because it is a hilarious and sarcastic portrayal of government and the Indian Gen X.

Rahul Bose - English, August

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11. Everybody Says I’m Fine! – 2001

Even though he only had a minor role in the film, he did a fantastic job. Lady Gaga, who is known for wigs and extravagant haircuts, would be embarrassed by her outlandish haircut.

The story centers around a tiny number of affluent Mumbaikars whose paths cross at a hair salon. This film portrays Mumbai in all of its glory. In the middle of several plotlines, Rahul stood out and captured our interest.

Everybody Says I'm Fine! rahul bose

12. 15 Park Avenue – 2005

Rahul made an impression in a film about the challenges of two sisters, one of whom suffers from schizophrenia.

Bose was not the central protagonist in this National Award-winning film. What made his portrayal unique was the sense of pity he instilled in the viewers.

Rahul Bose Best Movies -15 Park Avenue

13. Before The Rains – 2007

In an average film Bose was wonderful. Mostly because of his portrayal did the film receive some critical acclaim.

An enthusiastic young Indian man is divided between his potential dreams and his adherence to heritage. This is among the greatest movie performances by any actor in the history of Indian film.

Before the Rains - Rahul Bose Movies

14. Antaheen – 2009

With his spot-on portrayal of a cop pursuing criminality while battling his feelings, he was featured in that other National Award-winning Bengali film.

It’s never easy to bring a character to life who is more interested in the virtual world than the real one. We were moved by his depiction of a man who fell in love with a female he met on the internet. They did not even know what they looked like, though they used to meet regularly. With a tragic ending that broke the viewers and their take towards the conception of love.

Antaheen rahul bose best movies
Independent Film Society (IFS Nepal)/Facebook

15. Anuranan – 2006

Bose gave another classic performance in this Bengali movie based on relationship complexities

Anuranan rahul bose Bengali movies

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