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Bollywood films don’t really give a fitting conclusion to the audiences anyway. But at times Bollywood did surprise its audiences with some “oh I didn’t see that coming” characters and plots.

Ever got back stabbed by your closed ones? If not, you must have watched Bollywood movies in which a character pulls off the most brutal betrayals and left the audiences surprised.

Let’s look at some of those at some of the dhokebaaz characters from Bollywood movies:

1. Vikram & Neeta/Sonia In Ajnabee

You cannot deny that you didn’t think Bipasha died, rather murdered by the husband, and then it was blamed on the neighbor!

Then Bipasha legit pulled off and reincarnated or something. Though it was actually all planned and was very accurately made up. *Mind-blown emoji*

Vikram & Neeta/Sonia In Ajnabee
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2. Sophia In Race

The film was full of snitches. But the biggest snitch was Sophia. Being the all-sweet and subtle secretary she fooled everyone and legitimately cheated! And ended up killing the guy she was dating, (bruh what?)

Sophia In Race

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3. Karan In Humraaz

How do people even murder and get away so easily? Karan agrees to murder the girl he was dating and set up Raj to marry her, so that he can blame it all onto him!?

But the LMAO moment arrives when Karan got killed by Raj. (Again, how do they murder people and get away so easily?)

Karan In Humraaz

4. Mahalakshmi In Khakee

This is utter confusion to understand so here we go. Aishwarya runs to Ajay and left Akshay. That got Akshay and the audience in a state of absolute shock. But then what happens is, Mahalakshmi shoots the bullet at him.

Why would you kill someone just because he sang ‘Wada Raha’? I guess we’ll never know.

Mahalakshmi In Khakee

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5. Maya In Bodyguard

What do we call the concoction of a snitch, backstabber, and snake? Maya! All the while she was fond of Divya and Lovely’s love story (so were we). But then, she ran off with Lovely, stabbing her best friend Chhaya!

Maya In Bodyguard (1)


  1. you forgot to mention Neha Verma AKA Kareena in Fida


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