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Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava from the Telugu smash, Pushpa: The Rise, is without a doubt the season’s standout song. The film, which was released on December 17 and features Allu Arjun, Fahadh Faasil and Rashmika Mandanna among others, was a huge hit. Despite being a regional film, it had a strong opening in various parts of India, grossing more than Rs 300 crores globally.

The popular song, which stars Samantha Ruth Prabhu and the film’s protagonist Allu Arjun, has received over 100 million views in Telugu and over 80 million in Hindi. Samantha dazzled us all with her stunning form and great dance abilities throughout the item song. It even made the Top 100 Music Videos Global list on YouTube. It gets everyone dancing to its beat.

But even after garnering such praise, this song has got embroiled in so many controversies. It’s also being marketed as a song that criticises men’s stare and women’s objectification. Despite this, it follows the same tired stereotypes.

meaning of Oo Antava Lyrics

For as long as one can remember, item songs have been a staple of Indian film. The idea is almost always the same: A woman (or women) performs for a gathering of males, singing about topics that objectify them as we have already seen in well-known Munni Badnaam HuiSheila Ki Jawani and countless others. This song’s objectionable parts have remained the same, which is the major source of contention.

But many can argue that it is the lyrics of this song that plays a major role in its marketing goal. Many people believe that Oo Antava is unique because of its lyrics. But it seems that the majority of people appear to be infatuated with the song without fully comprehending its meaning that’s why several other content creators and singers are recreating different versions of it with almost different meanings.

Oo Antava Lyrics Meaning

So, we are here to present you with the most authentic meaning of Oo Antava song from Pushpa.

Oo Antava Lyrics Translation

Koka Koka Koka Kadithe
Kora Kora Mantu Chusthaaru
Potti Potti Gown’ey Vesthe
Patti Patti Chusthaaru

They kill me with their looks if I wear a saree.
They scan me with their eyes if I wear a skirt.
Neither the Saree nor the gown, it is not in the dressing which matters.
It is all in your eyes. Men’s thinking is a twisted one.

Oo Antava Mava
Oo Oo Antava Maava Hey,
Oo Antava Mava
Oo Oo Antava Maava Hey.

Will You Agree With This? Men!
Are You Agree With This!
Will You Agree With This? Men!
Are You Agree With This!

Tella Tellaaguntey Okadu
Nalla Nallaaguntey Okadu
Allaarallari Chesthaadu

If we’re fair in complexion
One just goes upside down for us,
If we’re dark in complexion
We get teased around.

Telupu Nalupu Kaadhu
Meeku Rangutho Paniyemundhee
Sandhu Dhorikindhante Saalu
Mee Maga Buddhey Vankara Buddhee

Neither the fairness nor the darkness
Colour doesn’t matter to you,
Men If you get a chance
Men’s thinking is a distorted one.

Hey! Boddhu Boddhu Gunte Okadu
Sannaa Sannagunte Okadu
Saradaapadi Pothuntaadu

If we’re chubby enough, one comments telling we’re cute
If we’re lean, one feels crazy about us.
Neither the chubbiness nor the leanness

Boddhu Kaadhu Sannam Kaadhu
Ompu Sompu Kaadandi
Ontiga Sikkaamante Saalu
Mee Maga Buddhey Vankara Buddhee

It is not about the physique
If asked to meet alone
Men’s thinking is a twisted one.

Pedda Peddaa Manishilaaga
Okadu Phojulu Kodathaadu
Manchi Manchi Manasundantu
Okadu Neethulu Sebuthaadu

One just shows off as if a great man
Some just speak about moral values like good men
Nether the goodness nor the badness

Manchi Kaadhu Seddaa Kaadhu
Anthaa Okate Jaathandi
Deepaalanni Aarpeshaaka
Uu Uu Uu Uu Deepaalanni Aarpesakaa
Andari Buddhi Vankara Buddhey

All of you come under one
When the lights go off
When the lights go off
Everyone’s thinking is a twisted one.

Oo Antava is sung by Indravathi Chauhan and is written by Chandrabose. Enjoy listening to the song below:


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