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Menstruation is a very common thing, it happens with women every month and yet it is a hush-hush topic. There are so many taboos around it and talking about it loudly is just uncomfortable for some people? But here’s the thing right, people follow their role models way too much, and for most of us, it’s our favorite Bollywood actors.

Similarly, Bollywood female actors talked openly about their periods, which did clear some air about this topic at a time.

1. Sonam Kapoor

Sonam had late periods compared to her peers, and it was something that was unsettling her and made her feel scared about herself, but then she did get her periods. And this is what she said about this incident,

“I was 15 when I got my period, all my friends had got way before me, so I was very upset with that when I actually got my first period I was very relieved because I kept telling my mom that there is something wrong with me because I am not getting my period.”

Sonam Kapoor on Period
Sonam Kapoor/Instagram

2. Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti worked for an advertisement for Whisper India. During an interview, she was asked questions regarding that topic and she said, “we all want to talk about how we feel in all other departments but we refuse to talk about periods”.
Where she also added,

“It’s a shame that men are still not aware of Periods! It’s a shame that men call it a problem! You have to talk about it. You can’t be shy about it.”

Parineeti Chopra on periods
Parineeti Chopra/Instagram

3. Taapsee Pannu

Taapsee Pannu has been a part of a video named, ‘what ifs’ and that video mainly broke some major social taboos which were rather disturbing to know. There Taapsee said,

“If only stereotypes were taboo and our period wasn’t. If only rashes were more alarming and carrying pads openly wasn’t. If only getting period leave was normal and saying it’s just a matter of two days wasn’t. If only saying I am on my period was common and saying I am down or I am chumming wasn’t.”

Taapsee Pannu on menstruation
Taapsee Pannu/Instagram

4. Kareena Kapoor

Talking about menstrual leaves Kareena spoke about how different bodies are, some might feel more uncomfortable than the others. And the fact that women deal with so many hurdles during those days of the month does affect their productivity, thus menstrual leaves should be considered. Kareena addressed about the situation,

“Every woman’s body is different, and their comfort levels are different. Some people have back pain or terrible cramps, and if a woman cannot come to work, every company should understand that.”

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Bollywood celebrities on menstruation - Kareena Kapoor

5. Tanvi Azmi

Tanvi Azmi has defied misogyny in the everyday world as well as in the cinema. Including during her time, the veteran performer made sure to defy period taboos. And on that lines she said,

“I have personally successfully defied these taboos during my time. If I had followed these ‘pseudo’ traditions as my peers did, I would have been stuck with a regressive mindset and would have brought up the next generation with similar restrictions! As parents, we must have the right discussions around menstruation – and at correct times – with our children. Taboos that perpetuate our society must simply have no place.”

Tanvi Azmi
Tanve Azmi/Instagram

6. Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna is known to take a stand regarding the social situation and often she is the one who stands out the most because of her boldness and straight-on-point attitude.
Twinkle did talk about working on periods and how difficult it is where she mentioned,

“Are we really saying we can’t give women leave or the prospect of working from home for that one day? My opinion of gritting our teeth and bearing it, fighting our biology so we can say we are as good as men have changed over time. We are equal, not identical.”

Bollywood Celebs on Periods- Twinkle Khanna

7. Kalki Koechlin

Kalki has the guts to defy moral expectations. Kalki has always expressed her opinions, whether on marriage, favoritism, or any other topic. She expressed the following about periods and backward rituals around it by stating,

“My profession demands extensive travel, long shooting hours, and rigorous rehearsals – and I simply cannot restrict myself due to these taboos imposed on us. While some of us women go about our professional lives with relative ease in the days of our periods, there are thousands my age who live every day bogged down by restrictions and taboos. I want to encourage and urge women to go forth and defy regressive traditions in their pursuit of success.”

Bollywood Celebrities on Periods- Kalki Koechlin

8. Swara Bhaskar

Swara has always been very bold and she couldn’t care less about what people think of her. She knows what she is doing and she is not someone to back off easily, regarding the topic of the taboos around menstruation, she said,

“Periods are not a reason to skip school, bunk classes, stop playing sports, or sit at home alone. Periods are not a crime, nor are they taboo. They can be discussed. Even on the dinner table!”

Bollywood Actress on Periods- Swara Bhaskar
Swara Bhasker/Instagram

9. Radhika Apte

Radhika has always broken current societal menstruation standards. She was a part of the film Padman, which intended to deconstruct society’s rules regarding menstruation. Radhika was also a member of a Rio pads era promotion, which explicitly depicted the period as red.

“I remember the day my periods actually started; I sort of figured that they’ve started. So, I went to the bathroom in the middle of a class. I remember feeling very proud the day I got my periods.”

radhika apte hot

10. Alia Bhatt

Alia always talks and becomes a part of the hot topics where she gives in unbiased and helpful opinions. Here’s what she said about menstruation and how difficult it is about being a woman, specially when she is bleeding,

“My third concern is over girls not being allowed to enter shrines when they’re menstruating. No conditions must apply there. How are women deemed ashudh when they’re bleeding? It’s beyond ridiculous. Don’t people know why we bleed? It’s a sign that we have the ability to give birth to another life. Disallowing women to enter temples during their periods angers me. It’s absurd because it’s the rule of nature. There’s nothing wrong with you, girls. It’s just a thought process that needs to change.”

Alia Bhatt in Raabta

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