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Below are some instance when Indian Police officers turned to be real cops and set an example:

1. Mumbai cop who saved victims from Kamala mill fire tragedy

During the Kamala Mill fire, a lot of surrounding places were affected. Including a restaurant nearby. It was down to flames, but the constable from the rescue team namely Sudarshan Shinde climbed 7 floors 3 times to bring the victims down and rescue them from the fire.

Constable Sudarshan Shinde

2. A Head constable ran 1km to save the lives of children

A bomb was planted in a village namely, Chitra. If blasted it could’ve damaged 500 meters of the blast. A policeman ran with the box for 1 km straight to save the life of 400 schoolchildren.

A Head constable ran 1km

3. An Andhra cop pleaded people to follow the traffic rules

In Andhra Pradesh, there were traffic offenders who constantly broke the rules. Nothing else worked to make them understand so at the end he folded his hands just to make them follow the traffic rules.

4. UP Police celebrated Karwa Chauth by distributing safety gears

The wives were given helmets on the day of Karwa Chauth to celebrate safety. Some people were traveling without safety fears on their two-wheeler. So UP police gifted their safety gear to make their journey safer.

5. Delhi Police challaned Ravana for not wearing helmet

Mukesh Rishi, the guy who plays the character of Ravana was allegedly fined by the Delhi police because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. Which shows how equal law is for everyone. He had to go to the headquarters to pay a fine of Rs. 100.

Mukesh Rishi Delhi Police

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6. A Kashmiri Policeman saved the life of 10 other policemen from a grenade

The J&K police seal was sitting in a bulletproof mobile. Then suddenly a grenade was thrown on their way and it landed on the cop’s lap. Instead of being nervous and all impulsive, he threw the grenade away immediately which ended up saving the lives of him and the other people in the mobile.

Jnk police

7. UP Police filed the case where the dad was pressurized to remove it

A girl in UP was molested in the pool bus by the school. Due to pressure, the father canceled her FIR and drew it back, but the police squad filled another one and arrested the culprit.

up police

8. Railway Police spontaneously saving the life of a women who lost her balance in a train

The 50-year-old train passenger lost her balance while traveling. The railway policeman immediately saved her in a jiffy thus she was saved from but with a few minor injuries, causing big harm.

Railway Police

9. Assam Police made green corridor to save an infant’s life

Assam Police provide a green corridor to save a baby’s life. The distance was 36km but with their help, it was covered in 30 mins, which did not delay in saving the life of the baby.

Assam Police green corridor

10. Hyderabad police saving a kidnapped baby

Inspector R Sanjay Kumar saved a baby who was kidnapped in 15 hours of the FIR drafted. He found out the culprits through CCTV footage and caught them red-handed. After rescuing the baby he returned it to its parents immediately. The picture of the baby and the officer smiling is pretty much enough to make someone’s day.

R Sanjay Kumar saved baby

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11. Delhi Police turned tech-savy

Using the help of technology Delhi Police ended up solving a case that was pending for a long time. The Google keyword “super burglar” helped them to get the lead of articles and blogs which initially traced them to the main culprit and they solved the case.

Delhi police used Google Search

12. A UP woman police stood up against BJP workers

Politics and Police are not best friends. Especially when it comes to women. But office Shrestha Thakur did not back off from standing up to the angry mob though they seemed intimidating.

Shrestha Thakur

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