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Everyone talks about Kabir Singh’s toxic boyfriend or how much we despise the merciless Khilji in Padmaavat. No one, however, seems to mention the ethically and sometimes criminally wrong characters who were passed off as the film’s “hero” or protagonists.

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We’re all guilty of fawning over the bad guy in movies, which is problematic, to say the least. However, low-key criminals, terrorists, and morally bad people are occasionally portrayed as lovely and heroic personalities, which we end up liking because of how they are portrayed.

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Here’s a fresh perspective on these troublesome protagonists.

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Despite performing unjust and cruel acts in movies, fans liked and cheered for these 5 characters:

Rehaan Khan (Fanaa)

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We remember Rehaan as a flirting lover boy who falls for Zooni, but we forget that the pleasant tour guide was actually a terrorist.

We don’t perceive the character in a negative light because he was played by a ‘hero.’ He even murders Zooni’s father, despite our wishes for them to be reunited as a happy family.

Vijay Salgaonkar (Drishyam)

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Vijay is a middle-class parent who is simply trying to safeguard his family. He is, however, ethically and legally wrong for concealing the body of a boy killed by his daughter.

Despite being a co-conspirator and a mastermind who cleverly escapes, he is portrayed as the hero, and we believe him.

Virendra Pratap Singh (Lamhe) 

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Viren is a predator who marries a woman he practically raised and who is considerably younger than him.

She’s also the daughter of his ex-girlfriend, whom he couldn’t have because she married another man. So no one find this repulsive?

Prem Mehra (Biwi No. 1)

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Is there anyone who despises Prem from this beloved 90s comedy-drama? I doubt it since we were naive children who didn’t know any better.

Although having an extramarital affair is not illegal, one should end their marriage in a mature manner. He also cheats on his wife with a model he works with, lies to her face, leaves the house, and yet considers Pooja to be his property.

But, I suppose, when he admits his error after his lover dumps him, he becomes a hero in some way? Sure!

Mahabir Bhati (Highway)

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We all got Stockholm’s Syndrome for Mahabir, despite the fact that he is a kidnapper who abducted her, not just Veera.

As he warms up to Veera, we all begin to feel for him and empathise with him. That’s a serious issue.


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