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On June 25, 2021, Indian cricket supporters commemorate the 38th anniversary of their country’s first World Cup victory. Fans, former players, and current stars paid tribute to Kapil Dev lead team on social media for their historic performance which eventually lead to victory at Lord’s in 1983.

Since then, India has won two more major titles i.e. the 2007 World T20 and the 2011 ODI World Cup. But what Kapil Dev’s team accomplished in England in 1983 remains a unique memory for Indian cricket fans. It’s been dubbed “one of the greatest underdog victories in sports history.”

Even the Indian squad believed they had little chance after only winning one game in the previous two World Cups. In reality, when India was going to be knocked out, the plan was to go to the United States for a vacation, and most of the players had already secured their tickets. But winning against mighty West Indies in their first match changed their attitude towards the game.

Facing Clive Lloyd’s formidable West Indies team, who had won the previous two finals, and with just 183 runs to defend, India pulled off the unthinkable by keeping their calm and putting on an amazing performance. This triumph motivated a generation of cricketers to take up the sport and aim high.

The incredible performance of Indian Cricket team on 25th June 1983 is the only reason why cricket is more popular in our country than any other sport and preached as a religion.

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The internet would most likely crash if the events of the 1983 cricket World Cup were to replicate themselves today in the same setting. Although there isn’t much photographic and video graphic evidence of the celebrations throughout India after the momentous triumph, the little photographs we have shown that they were passionate and broad.

1. The headlines of some famous newspapers after India won the first world cup. The morning after the final is quite delightful to see.

1983 world cup newspaper

2. We Indians are very amazing. People flocked to the streets after India won the World Cup, with some even riding elephants to celebrate.

1983 World Cup archive

3. When the concert’s special guest, Lata Mangeshkar, performs for the world cup-winning team.

1983 world cup lata mangeshkar

4. With then-president Giani Zail Singh, Kapil Dev holds the trophy.

Kapil Dev Giani Zail Singh

5. The Indian cricket team was hosted by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at the time.

world cup team Indira Gandhi

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6. Photographs of Indira Gandhi and Kapil Dev in which they are posing with the trophy.

While such were the sights at home, the Lord’s audience on the final day really burst all bounds.

Indira Gandhi Kapil Dev

7. The view from the top of Lords look like this when India won the world cup.

Lord's, June 25 1983

8. As soon as India was proclaimed the winner, fans rushed to the field.

Fans rushing to the ground 1983 world cup

9. That day, Lord was in complete control of the Indians.

Lord 1983

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