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Deepika Padukone made a veiled jab at popular influencer Freddy Birdy for his remark on Ananya Panday and Deepika Padukone’s clothing sizes for Gehraiyaan marketing. For the uninitiated, Freddy made a snarky remark on the film’s advertising activities.

In his Instagram post, Mr. Birdy wrote,

“Newton’s Law Of Bollywood – The clothes will get tinier as Gehraiyaan release date approaches.”

Gehraiyaan is Deepika’s new film which is being produced by Karan Johar.

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He even captioned his post as,

Necklines and hemlines are Gehraiyaan.

Freddy Birdy on Deepika Padukone
Freddy Birdy/Instagram

A few moments later, the actress turned to her Instagram Story to send an indirect message to Fred that said,

“Scientists say the Universe is made up of protons, neutrons, and electrons. They forgot to mention morons.”

Deepika Padukone reply Freddy Birdy
Deepika Padukone/Instagram

Deepika’s remark went viral in a matter of seconds, and netizens praised her for making a return. As a result of this, Freddy changed his Instagram account from public to private.

Here’s how people on Twitter reacted:

Freddy Birdy’s influence is based on insult humour that is his ability to make people laugh at themselves. His satires range from Delhi holidaymakers in Goa to South Mumbai ladies speaking Hindi, and they’re all rather entertaining. However, the joke is clearly sexist and nasty this time, and the offence has been taken.

Even though she didn’t mention him in the above-mentioned Instagram Story, he plainly felt she was referring to him. So, in a short but sharp Instagram post to actress Deepika Padukone, he clarified that an earlier post he had published about the clothing worn to promote new film Gehraiyaan was not meant to “mock” Deepika’s fashion choices. Mr Birdy also expressed gratitude for her labelling him a “moron.” Here’s what he said:

“Dear Deepika, I’m not mocking you for your ‘tiny’ clothes, You can wear your hemlines all the way to your toes and all the way around your ears. For all I care. And thank you for referring to me as a “moron.” It’s the only non-fake thing you’ve uttered in your entire career. love, Fred.”

He also tagged Deepika Padukone and Karan Johar’s production company, Dharma Movies in his post.

Regardless of what he claims, it appears that he was “mocking” Deepika’s attire.

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Meanwhile, a Twitter user called Mrunal Thakur out for liking Freddy’s misogynistic post. She then clarified her doing with her statement, saying,

Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi, and Dhairya Karwa feature in Gehraiyaan, which will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video from February 11th. Shakun Batra is directing this movie.


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