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We often forget that despite what we see on television and hear from media sources, celebrities are human beings and they too succumb to emotions as easily as we do. 

One of the emotions that people find hard not to give into is temper. Everybody loses their temper, although some have more control over it than others. 

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In the field of Public Relations, it is somewhat mandatory for a celebrity to set a good example to fans by putting on a good image, but at times they just can’t help but be human.

Here are 7 instances where celebrities gave in to their temper: 

1. Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut: 

Zoya Afroz and Sonali Raut apparently got into an argument for undisclosed reasons on The Kapil Sharma Show during the promotion of The Xpose. According to reports, the argument got so intense that Zoya Afroz slapped Sonali Raut and they broke into a physical fight before co-star Himesh Reshammiya intervened to prevent it from escalating further. 

2. SRK and Salman Khan: 

Famous Celebrities who lost their cool and slapped each other, catch details

Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan got into a physical fight at Katrina Kaif’s party because Salman Khan passed sarcastic comments about Shah Rukh after he refused to do a cameo in Salman’s movie, Main Aur Mrs. Khanna. However, not much information has been given about the incident. 

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3. Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth: 

Mumbai Indians captain Harbhajan Singh got an 11 game ban from the IPL after legitimately slapping Sreesanth, a well-known bowler for Kings XI Punjab. According to reports, Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth for constantly teasing him, saying, “Punjab Bombay ko haraayenge, Punjab Bombay ko haraaynge.” Kings XI Punjab did go on to win the match. 

4. SRK and Shirish Kunder: 

During Sanjay Dutt’s birthday party, Actor Shah Rukh Khan slapped filmmaker Shirish Kunder after the former lost his temper because Shirsh kept following him throughout the party, despite SRK’s best efforts to ignore him. 

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5. Salman Khan and Subhash Ghai: 

Famous Celebrities who lost their cool and slapped each other, catch details

Allegedly, Salim Khan sent Salman to Subhash Ghai’s home to apologize because Salman had slapped Subhash. According to reports, Subhash had made comments about Salman Khan’s former girlfriend, Ashwariya Rai, which made Salman lose his temper and slap Subhash in front of many witnesses. 

6. Govinda and Neeraj Vora: 

Comedic Actor Govinda allegedly pushed co-star Aryan Vaid to the ground before he went on to slap Neeraj Vora during a shoot when Aryan apparently mistimed a slap during a scene and hit Govinda harder than he had to. Govinda later denied that he hit Neeraj. 

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7. Esha Deol and Amrita Rao:

Famous Celebrities who lost their cool and slapped each other, catch details

Esha Deol slapped Amrita Rao during the shoot of the movie Pyare Mohan when Amrita harassed Esha in front of the director and cameraman. Later in an interview, Esha revealed that she had no regrets about slapping Amrita.


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