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We're living in that phase of our lives where every month we have Akshay Kumar popping up on our screens. Well, props to him for working so diligently round the clock to entertain us, but even his chest-thumping fan would agree that he has given up on experimenting with his roles

Akshay Kumar

We're bringing this up today because Redditors have excavated an old video of Akshay Kumar where he is overtly trolling method actors. In the video that has surfaced online, he finds it funny how the actors 'lock themselves in a hotel room to get into the skin of the character'.

He goes on to say that, at the end of the day, it's simply acting, and that it doesn't need to be made into a big deal.

Akshay Kumar mocking method actors

He also draws a parallel to a Tom Cruise-starrer that took only 55 days to shoot, so he doesn't see why an Indian film would take 200 days. Well, if only somebody had called him out right after the interview.

As a matter of fact, taking up a wide range of roles in itself isn't rewarding but delivering a variation with each role is, which is something even his ardent admirer will agree is lacking in all his recent films. 

Akshay's flippant remark on method actors is an insult to all those who spare no effort to not just imitate but inhabit their roles. 

Redditors, who are excruciated by watching him getting more and more repetitive, have expressed their thoughts.

You can watch the entire video here. 

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