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Paisa bolta hai! And sometimes, it asks you to do some crazy shit. Like these crazy ass advertisements in which our poor actors made a complete fool of themselves. Seriously, didn't you guys ever read the script or were you hypnotized?

Whatever the reason may've been, chances are you'll never find any mention of these ads in their CV's. Ever. So let's take a look at our favourite celebrities' not-so-fab moments.

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1. Ranveer Singh endorses Rupa Frontline. Catches a tennis ball with his 'balls'.

Okay, this is whacky even by Ranveer's standards. Check out the video by Rupa Knitwear in which the dude went bat-shit crazy.

Hairy armpits, check. Random rap song, check. Hitting a fake shark, check. Too bad PETA now plans to voice their displeasure over him hitting a fake shark!

2. Priyanka Chopra urges you to become large-hearted. By eating Rajnigandha.

The set is glossy. The lyrics are deep. The music is philosophical. The product is Rajnigandha elaichi .

Check out this ad by Rajnigandha silver pearls in which Priyanka Chopra discovers the 'true meaning of life'.

3. Urmila Matondkar drinks 502 Pataka chai. We believe her.

What's weirder than Shakuni mama from Mahabharata instructing you to finish your cup of tea? Urmila Matondkar stepping out of her fancy car just to have a cup of her favourite chai . Pataka chai. Gazab ka swad.

Check out the ad just in case you've forgotten.

4. Sanjay Dutt sells Goa Pan Masala.

The entire ad is actually an argument where Ravi Kishan is asking Sanjay Dutt why he's overcharging him for the pan masala . (It's 50 paise , actually. They don't even make it anymore). Sanjay Dutt then...well, see for yourself in this ad right here.

5. Salman Khan can walk on water after wearing Relaxo chappal.

We know bhai is dabangg , but itna dabangg? Proving once again that there's no superhero like Sal-man, he rescues numerous damsels in distress, all thanks to his Relaxo ki chappalein . Check out the ad by Relaxo Footwear here.

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6. Akshay Kumar gives electric shocks wearing Dollar baniyan.

A simple electrician becomes a superhero all thanks to Dollar Big Boss. "What an electrician" the girls say. His reaction? "Kabhi Kabhi shock bhi deta hoon." Our reaction, facepalm. Check out the ad right here.

7. Amitabh Bachchan sells Navratna hair oil for 1/-

Even the shehenshah of Bollywood couldn't save himself from an ad faux-pas. What could go wrong with you wearing a bright, shiny dress and selling hair oil? Well, plenty. Check out the ad here and be the judge.

8. Ajay Devgan sells Vimal Pan Masala.

Why put kesar in kheer when you can put it in a pan masala Daane daane mein kesar ka dum! Check out the noir-type ad right here.

9. Hema Malini sells agarbatti with Esha Deol and her husband.

Hema Malini, we understand. Esha Deol too, well, we understand. But what the hell is Esha Deol's husband doing in this ad by Moksh Agarbatti ? Well, I think it's all about loving your family.

10. Shahrukh Khan rides a Hero Puch to impress his girlfriend.

The badshah of Bollywood may now be endorsing an array of ads, but this is one blast from the past we're still trying to come to terms with. The second richest entertainer in the world riding a Hero Puch? Check out the ad with your very own eyes.

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