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The 1999 family drama starring Amitabh Bachchan, Sooryavansham, through its continuous television re-runs, has amassed a following. 

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“Sooryavansham” is the Hindi remake of the Tamil movie “Suryavamsam” (1997), released on May 21, 1999. The movie was trolled on Twitter many times for its repeated broadcast on TV movie channels. People never shy away from confessing the fact that they know the plot of the film by heart.

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Superstar Amitabh Bachchan played a dual role in the movie and his character was iconic. Remember, though, the child actor who plays the son of Amitabh Bachchan in the film?

Well, Ananda Vardhan is the name of the child artist and he has grown up to become a handsome hunk.

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Ananda is a Telugu film actor.

Sooryavansham, child artist, Sony max, amitabh bachchan

He began his career with the film “Priyaragalu” as a child artist.

Sooryavansham, child artist, Sony max, amitabh bachchan

In his career, Ananda also worked with many major actors. His role in “Sooryavansham“, however, earned him considerable recognition. Ananda has been away from acting for quite some time now, as per a source. He’s the grandson of the well-known playback singer P. From B. Srinivas. In 1997, for his role in “Priyaragalu,” Ananda got the Nandi Award for Best Child Actor.

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Sooryavansham, child artist, Sony max, amitabh bachchan

Who would have thought then that this Sooryavansham child artist would grow up to become such a gorgeous hunk? In the movie industry, we also hope to see him return.

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