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Prior to the pandemic, clashes between two prominent Bollywood actors used to cause directors a lot of worries since it was thought that this may negatively affect the box office performance of both films.

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However, following a run of failures, Bollywood has experienced, we anticipate that the next showdown will present a wonderful opportunity for the Hindi film industry to get audiences back into the theatres. But both of the main contenders are currently caught up in their own respective issues.

Boycott Laal Singh Chaddha slogans have been heard more often each day in opposition to Aamir Khan’s forthcoming film Laal Singh Chaddha. And now, it looks like it is Akshay Kumar’s time as Twitter users campaign to boycott his upcoming film, Raksha Bandhan.

raksha bandhan movie poster

While there are many other reasons why people dislike the movie, plagiarism claims have received the most attention. There are allegations that the premise of the upcoming Akshay Kumar movie Raksha Bandhan was borrowed from a Pakistani film.

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The most recent film starring Akshay Kumar, Samrat Prithviraj, flopped horribly at the box office despite brilliant publicity. So, if these plagiarism accusations are accurate, there is little doubt that Akshay’s filmography would change drastically.

As many people are voicing their perspectives on this matter, it has become a hot topic of debate on numerous social media platforms. While many individuals criticized the film’s creators, there were also those who agreed with them. Let’s investigate the truth of these accusations.

Is Akshay Kumar’s Raksha Bandhan really copied?

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is featured in the upcoming movie Raksha Bandhan, and its trailer has been made available to the general audience. Naturally, the audience needs to enjoy them.

But, despite getting positive reviews from several critics, people’s initial perception is that it is copied from Load Wedding, a Pakistani movie. In the 2019 film, Mehwish Hayat and Fahad Mustafa, two A-list actors from Lollywood, portrayed the main characters.

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raksha bandhan load wedding

The similarities between the two movies

The premise of Raksha Bandhan is allegedly a duplicate of the Pakistani film Load Wedding, according to users. For unknown, there is a striking similarity between Akshay’s movie and Load Wedding.

In the movie Load Wedding, Fahad’s character is hindered from marrying his girlfriend because of the dissolution of his sister’s marriage. Apart from this, he also handles other problems in the movie.

On the other hand, the central character (starred by Akshay Kumar) of the story in the film Raksha Bandhan is a brother who cherishes his sisters, just like Fawad Khan did in his movie.

As in Load Wedding, the brother in the Indian movie is responsible for the sister’s marriage. The video also highlights the great connection between Bhumi Pednekar and Akshay Kumar. The sisters’ obligations, however, prevent them from getting married because both of their love stories are unrequited.

Apart from the storyline, many users also claimed that the trailer and poster were also copied. Users, not only from Pakistan but also from India, went furious after these accusations went viral on various social media platforms.

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Internet users are now expressing their thoughts after hawk-eyed internet users found another source of inspiration or the same replica of the movie.

So let’s have a look at some users’ reactions:

While we don’t know what the reality behind these accusations is, what we can do is wait for its release, so that all people can actually examine by themselves whether it is really copied or not.

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