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Harish Kumar, who was a very famous actor in the ’90s, has been keeping his distance from the film world for a long time. Now Harish Kumar has said goodbye to the film world, but if we talk about his film career.

During his career, he gained immense popularity among millions of viewers. But gradually his film career fell into oblivion. So, through my post today, we are going to tell you some such things about actor Harish Kumar.

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At a very young age, Harish Kumar made his place in millions of hearts. He made films with many big stars in the industry. In addition to Bollywood films, he has acted in films in many other languages ​​and also appeared in many films as a child actor.

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Actor Harish Kumar, who entered the film world at the age of 15, worked with Karisma Kapoor, a very famous actress of his time.

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After which he was seen in more than one hit and superhit film, there came a time in his career when veteran Bollywood actor Govinda started giving this competition with his brilliant acting. According to Harish Kumar, when he was seen in the film Tiranga with actor Nana Patekar.

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He gained a lot of popularity among the viewers then and in those days he was seen in many news and headlines for his brilliant acting. But if you say today, actor Harish Kumar is also living a life of oblivion.

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However, if we talk about the last year, actor Harish thought of coming back and for that, the actor made up his mind to do a film with Govinda. But for some reason, her film could not be released and that is why she could not return.

During this time he also underwent physical changes and his weight also affected his appearance and then he distanced himself from the film world. If the reports are to be believed, it is also said.

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Actor Harish Kumar also worked hard on his growing weight. But their efforts did not have much effect and they did not achieve that success again, which is why today they are forced to spend their lives in oblivion.

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If we talk about the work front of the actor, let us tell you that he has played important roles in many great films like Prem Kadi, Tiranga, Kaki Number One, Gaddar, Hero Number One, and Kedi Kshetra and through this, he has made his identity.

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The industry also gained popularity. After Bollywood, it was not given any special opportunity in regional cinema. This has been said in many media reports but to this day no one knows the truth behind it.

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