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While a lot of things have been the talk of the town (ahem, Ranveer Singh's nude photoshoot), Vijay Deverakonda's chappal has been one of them. The actor wore a pair worth ₹199 at the Liger trailer launch, and it understandably left people surprised. Not that any of us were judging the choice, but it's difficult to associate slippers with a Dharma event. 

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In a recent interview, Vijay Deverakonda was seen wearing the same slippers and was questioned about them. The actor then mentioned that it's difficult to pick new clothes and shoes every day. And his chappals are saving him from doing that, given that they've been regularly promoting the film. I can't even pick between two pairs of shoes, and the guy has to do it every day. 

Vijay Deverakonda
Source: Free Press Journal

Of course, with all the socializing and moving around, something needs to bring comfort. And what better than chappals? Our slippers-wearer-spokesperson also talked about fashion in general. When he was asked about repeating outfits, and how that creates a fashion faux pas for celebrities, he said that he does what feels good, and people get over it after a while. 

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Watch him talk about his grey slippers for one-minute straight.

Imagine having to dress up every day, wearing the most uncomfortable things, just to be put in spotlight for people to judge you. That's my scariest nightmare. We all love our hawai chappal and pajamas, and they gotta be protected at all costs. Vijay Deverakonda FTW!

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