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 Although all eyes were on Akshay and Raveena in the movie ‘Mohra’, apart from this there was a couple whose presence played a vital role in the success of the movie. Yes! We are talking about the duo of Sunil Shetty and Poonam Zanwar. After this film, the fortunes of Akshay, Raveena and Sunil shone in Bollywood.

But Poonam could not achieve anything special. But after all these years, Poonam has become a topic of discussion again. Let us know why. ‘Mohra’, one of the hit Bollywood films, was highly acclaimed by the viewers. The feeling of love is beautifully described in this film. You will remember the song, ‘Na kajre ki dhar na moti ka har’. The song was shot in the same film between Sunil Shetty and Poonam Zanwar.

Poonam was seen in a very simple role in the movie ‘Mohra’. People admired her character a lot but now that same Poonam has become very bold and glamorous. According to the news, Poonam was spotted at an event recently, but people there did not recognize her.

Poonam Zawar is very active on social media. She has shared many hot pics of her new avatar on social media. Poonam was also seen on the cover of Debonair magazine in 1995. Poonam has also done a photoshoot for Poonam in a popular magazine Playboy. Poonam Zawar’s most talked about photoshoot was a red dress for Valentine’s Day.

Seeing the photos of Poonam Zawar in this photoshoot, she is also being compared with Sunny Leone. She looked as simple as in the movie. She has become just as bold and glamorous in real life. On the one hand, Mohra made Raveena Tandon a superstar actress. Poonam, on the other hand, had disappeared from the screen.

Poonam did very few films during her acting career. After Mohra’s release, he appeared in 2 or 3 films and said goodbye to the silver screen. After staying away from Bollywood, Poonam thought of making a career in films in the South but even there her coin could not run and Poonam also left the South industry.

Poonam has returned to the world of glamor but this time she is not an actress but an actress. Enjoying her glamorous life as a supermodel, Poonam was very excited about acting as well as singing in films. She also had 2 music videos, in which she also tried her hand at acting along with singing.

Ali Haider’s music video was also seen in ‘Chand Sa Mukhda’. If you remember, Akshay Kumar was seen as an actress nun in the starrer film ‘Oh My God’. She was none other than Poonam. After playing the role of a nun in ‘Oh My God’, Poonam also got offers for many other films.

She also had a small role in Shahid Kapoor-Sonakshi Sinha starrer R5 Rajkumar. Poonam’s fans, who have been away from the same films for a long time, are interested to know about her. Poonam fans want to know where the actress is and what she is doing these days. So let us tell you about them.

In fact, when Poonam Zanwar did not find success in films, the actress started her career as a supermodel. Yes, Poonam is now known as a model. After the movie Mohra, now Poonam’s look has changed so much that it is difficult to identify her. She looked as simple as in the movie. Now she has become so bold and glamorous. Often Poonam stays in the headlines by sharing her hot and glamorous pics on her Instagram.

Let me tell you that Poonam Zanwar has been a successful model before coming to the movies. He has acted in many commercials like Jeans, Dove Soap. It was during modeling that producer Gulshan Roy saw Poonam and this is how she got her way into films. Besides acting in films, Poonam was also very excited about singing. She also had 2 music videos, in which she tried her hand at acting as well as singing. She was also seen in Poonam Ali Haider’s music video ‘Chand Sa Mukhda’.

Apart from this, Poonam has also acted in 2G radiation from the film. Poonam played the role of Nira Radia in this film based on a 2G scam. According to Poonam, this was the strongest role of her career. Currently, Poonam has no shortage of work. She has a big brand, at the same time she is very busy in photoshoots.


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