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Celebrities often alter their religious status for their inclination towards a particular belief. They always make headlines and receive a huge appreciation for inculcating respect and modern values towards different religions.

Let us have a look at these celebrities who changed their religion for various reasons.

A R Rahman

10 Famous celebrities who converted to different religions for personal reasons
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Formerly known as Dileep Kumar, A.R. Rahman has changed the face of the music industry through his composition skills and a magical voice. Although the mother was devoted to Sufism, A.R. Rahman converted into Islam, when his sister was taken ill and recovered as they offered prayers to Allah. He later announced it to the world.

Muhammad Yousuf

Famous Pakistani cricketer, Yusuf Youhana,  not only changed his religion to Islam but also adopted a new name, Muhammad Yousuf during the time he had some fellow Christian players, playing for his team.

Muhammad Ali

Born Cassius clay jr. , American professional boxer, activist, and philanthropist, renounced his religion after joining the Nation of Islam, headed by Malcolm X. He became a Sunni Muslim and later affiliated himself with the name Muhammad Ali.  He continued fighting for the rights of African Americans and was stripped of many competitions and titles.

Sharmila Tagore

Bollywood actress, Sharmila Tagore took up the name of Ayesha Begum after marrying the Nawab of Lucknow and then Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. She is also the mother of the famous actor, Soha Ali khan and saif Ali khan, and designer saba Ali khan


List of 10 Popular celebs who converted to different religions to find peace

Reports say that the ‘Sholay’ actor Dharmendra fell in love with his costar Hema Malini while he was still married to Prakash Kaur. He wanted to start a separate family but did not want to leave his former wife. He converted into a Muslim and remarried Hema. The marriage attracted a lot of negative publicity, but the marriage was legal, and he had himself settled with two separate families.

Ayesha Takia

Famous actress, Ayesha Takia who was a Hindu as well as anglo Indian, transformed herself into a Muslim after she married Fahran Azmi. However, the reports are not confirmed yet.

Amrita Singh

It is no new news that Amrita Singh was married to much younger Bollywood celebrity Saif Ali khan for thirteen years. Amrita, who came from a Sikh background, changed her religion to Islam after her marriage. However, after their divorce, amrita does not intend to revert to being Sikh, and even her children are recognized by their father’s surname.

Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta was accused of drug trafficking 2000 crores drug substance on air space along with her husband Vicky Goswami. They were caught in Dubai airport and were subjected to trial. By the time, she converted into Islam.

Mahesh Bhatt

Mahesh Bhatt was in love with Soni Razdan and wanted to marry her but he was already wed to Kiran and could not remarry under the Hindu marriage act. He renounced his religion and changed into Islam to legitimize his marriage to Soni Razdan. They have two daughters namely, Alia Bhatt and Shaheen Bhatt.


Born in a Hindu orthodox family, Tamil actress Rekha Maruthiraj adopted Islam and even wore a hijab in an interview. She received a huge backlash from her audience but continues to live as a Muslim.

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