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Is Love Really Enough? Sir. This movie’s ending shows it is more than just a love story. It is a story of a woman turning into her own hero.

Is love really enough for two people to stay together? This 2018 release, streaming on Netflix “Is love really enough? Sir” will make you question the same. The movie makes you ponder:

Why can’t we normalize caste and class barriers?

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Why can’t we normalize the power of true love?

Why can’t we let two people together who are deeply and madly in love?

This sweet and soothing story revolves around a house help and her “Sir”. The role of a servant, Ratna is played by Tillotama Shome, and the role of Sir (Ashwin) is portrayed by Vivek Gomber.

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Ratna is a widower who left her village to earn and be a self-made woman and also to help her younger sister financially for her education, whereas Ashwin who is a businessman, just got separated from his wife.

Is Love Enough? Sir
Image Credits: Is Love Enough? Sir

As the movie goes on, we find that Ratna starts getting attracted towards Ashwin, and gradually the feeling becomes mutual.

Ever since they shared a kiss, Ashwin insisted that she call him by his name instead of addressing him as “Sir”. But Ratna had been holding out, not wanting to encourage him. Ratna addressing him as “sir” throughout the film serves to establish their vastly different statures. They live in the same house and sleep in rooms separated only by a wall, but actually, they are worlds apart.

Ratna being a lower-class woman is frightened of society’s norms as she knows that society will never accept their love story even if her Sir does. Society will leave no stone unturned in labeling her as a muse. Because our society values equality, equality in caste, equality in class, equality in religion, etc.

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The movie ends right at this pivotal moment in Ratna’s and Ashwin’s love story. Though the movie maker left it on the imagination for viewers to interpret. And, there are two distinct possibilities.

In the first scenario, Ratna calls him ‘Ashwin’ and not ‘Sir’ to show him how much he means to her, thank him on the call, and they never meet again. While the other possibility is that Ratna calls Ashwin by his name as permission of sorts, agreeing to his earlier insistence of staying together, regardless of societal norms. Maybe her saying his name instead of “Sir” is Ratna finally agreeing to their forbidden romance.

While many be rooting for either ending, I am happy for Ratna’s happy ending. The ending of Ratna becoming self-reliant, the ending of finding her dream job – that’s the kind of ending that I was looking for.

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The ending shows how this courageous woman sails through patriarchal society and stood for herself. For me, it is a happy ending because as a woman of today, I will any day route for a woman who stood for herself and walked her chosen path.


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