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Though Indian movies are hardly known for VFX, there are some films that left us really impressed with their VFX results. In the times, when the big-budget movie Adipurush has been heavily criticized for its bad VFX, these movies are just reminders when Bollywood did a great job with VFX and left the audience impressed.

1. Padmaavat

Deepika Padukone starrer Padmaavat faced a lot of controversies. One of which was Rajput Karni Sena pointing out how Sanjay Leela Bhansali showcased Rani Padmini dancing and flaunting her mid-riff. To address the concern, Bhansali came out with a plan. Rather than shooting the whole song again, the movie went under edit and had a sanskaari mid-riff. In the sections, where Deepika’s waist was visible, the makers took the help of VFX and got it covered.

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2. Ra One

Another movie that gave us some exemplary VFX is Ra One. Though the movie came more than a decade ago, it is still compared to many new-era movies like Brahmastra or Adipurush when it comes to VFX.

3. Tiger Zinda Hai

Salman Khan’s starrer Tiger Zinda Hai turned into a blockbuster at the box office. One scene that became very popular was the wolf vs Salman Khan scene. In this particular scene, while the wolves used in the movie were real, the fight between the two was the result of VFX.

Best Indian Movies With VFX

4. Sultan

Salman Khan’s Sultan has used VFX to a great extreme. The makers not only used VFX to create fake audiences and monuments but also used it to create some mind-boggling stunts. Here’s the video that explains how the makers went ahead with VFX: 

5. Fan

In the movie Fan, Shah Rukh Khan played a double role by looking completely different. Many people admired the movie’s VFX effects. The movie also won the best film with VFX effects at IIFA.

Here’s the video that explains how the makers reduced SRK’s body and nose to make him leaner and younger.

Best Indian Movies With VFX

6. Dhoom 3

With the help of VFX, Dhoom 3 makers beautifully shot Aamir Khan’s double role with admiring accuracy. Do you know the VFX team extensively supported the makers in capturing all the action scenes and childhood scenes that left the audience awestruck?

7. Kick

Do you remember how many people, especially Salman Khan fans, were left impressed by the train shot where Salman barely manages to escape a train on a bicycle? But, now as we know there was no train and it was all VFX.

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8. Krrish

Another movie that heavily relied on VFX is Krrish. Do you know Hrithik Roshan’s team collaborated with SRK’s Red Chillies to create one of the best sci-fi Indian movies of all time?

Best Indian Movies With VFX

Judwaa 2

The makers took help from the VFX team to create double-role scenes with accuracy.

10. Chennai Express

Another movie that relied on VFX for its storytelling is Chennai Express. Thanks to seamless engaging CGI transitions along with the entertaining storyline, this movie managed to earn 400 crores at the box office.

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11. Cocktail

With VFX, moviemakers can avoid travel and save a lot of time and money. They can actually create a wonderful outdoor scene by just using the right VFX while sitting in the studio. And, Cocktail is one such example.

12. Baahubali

One of the finest movies of all time, Bahubali had exemplary VFX. This big-budget movie had some really impressive special effects. The movie’s VFX was one of the reasons why it became one of the most successful Indian movies of recent times. Do you know Bahubali makers hired almost 15 VFX companies to achieve some of the finest VFX?

*Image: All images are from respective movies

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