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We all agreed at some point that the slogan for climbing the majority of life’s ladders is “good looks, good looks, and good looks.” What could possibly go wrong if the skill was added to it? However, a few Indian stars have admitted to going through issues that would make even first-world issues blush.

Some performers, ranging from Dino Morea to Karan Tacker, have asserted that their attractiveness has prevented them from achieving success rather than being a motivator. Amazing, huh? Some of them have also discussed how difficult it was for them to get

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1. Dino Morea

Dino Morea has stated that he despises being attractive since it keeps him from getting opportunities.t films because of their… stunning beauty. Has honesty peaked at this point or what?

The actor said in an interview with Hindustan Times that he finds it odd that many people have not cast him because he is ‘too good-looking. He mentioned how, given his appearance, casting directors frequently ponder which character to cast him in.

“I simply heard that you had good looks. What does my appearance have to do with my being cast in a particular role? I find it to be quite strange. Simply cast me. I can alter how I appear. Simply put, I was only ever seen for my appearance. Being attractive can sometimes be a disadvantage in Bollywood, he told the outlet.

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2. Karan Tacker

Karan Tacker admitted that his more than ten-year showbiz career has been a challenging one in a recent interview with News18. He claimed that his survival in what he views as a frivolous and insecure industry is quite an accomplishment. He claimed that he entered the acting business by accident. He added that he had first assisted his father in running their firm. He had to hunt for alternative opportunities after the severe recession.

The actor said that although he had never been told to change anything, his beautiful looks had always been a deterrent because they were inappropriate for the part. He’s been turned down numerous times, and each time he’s been informed that his attractiveness is the issue or that he should not be so fit.

He also pointed out the paradox that actors encounter: when people launch a Starkid, they want the whole package; nevertheless when it comes to casting performers, the whole package is the issue.

Hindi daily soap’s leading man Karan Tacker has also claimed that despite his attractiveness and physique, he was unable to land any offers.

Good Looks, Kriti Sanon, Kriti sanon sister, Kriti Sanon movies, kriti sanon age
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3. Gauhar Khan 

“Slumdog Millionaire was one of the biggest projects I’ve ever lost because I was too good-looking for it. I’ve spoken with Danny Boyle, and I went through five rounds of casting. He remarked, “You’re a superb actor, are you sure you were trained in India,” following the sixth round. I said “I’ve trained in India” at the time even though I had no experience. You speak like an actor who is not from India, therefore how do you have this experience, he remarked. I responded, “Sir, I don’t know; I just try to do it every day.” You are such a great actor, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to cast you in this role because I need to cast three different age groups, and I can’t put your face in a Slumdog Millionaire. Gauahar told Film Companion, “I answered, ‘I can be in a slum.

Gauhar Khan admitted that her attractive face prevented her from getting a part in Slum Dog Millionaire.

Good Looks, Kriti Sanon, Kriti sanon sister, Kriti Sanon movies, kriti sanon age
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4. Kriti Sanon

One of the most well-known Bollywood actresses is Kriti Sanon. Heropanti marked her Bollywood debut, after which she never looked back. Earlier, Kriti Sanon admitted that she used to cry when she was having a hard time. “There were other instances when I ran across a few people who told me something was off with me — someone told me, ‘You’re too good-looking,'” she continued. For you to appear genuine on film, you must have some form of flaw. Despite the fact that I had supporters, I suppose I did have low spirits. That is what you require.

In order for Kriti Sanon’s flawless face to appear realistic on television, she was instructed to create some flaws.

Good Looks, Kriti Sanon, Kriti sanon sister, Kriti Sanon movies, kriti sanon age
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5. Dia Mirza

Actress Dia Mirza, who has recently been seen in supporting roles in movies, said in 2020 that she regretted passing up movie jobs because of her appearance. “I believe that stereotypes and preconceived assumptions should be avoided. In my acting career, my appearance has frequently worked against me. Because I look too good, I’ve lost a job and been passed over for a part. The actor from Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein said, “It is a strange disadvantage.


Great. So, how much are you willing to charge me for your issue?

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Twitter users have finally figured out most of their life rejections.

The next time you don’t understand anything, don’t admit it; instead, assume you’re too good-looking for it and walk away.

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