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Nepotism in the Bollywood film industry has been a topic of discussion for several months now. It is the practice of favoring one’s relatives or friends, particularly when it comes to providing job opportunities. It has been seen that those with industry connections often have an unfair advantage over those without them. There have been actors who have spoken about Nepotism. Some have even gone on to accept that they might not have even become actors if it was not for nepotism in the industry.

Big Names vs. Talented Outsiders

Movies with big names, be it actors or filmmakers, tend to do better business than those without. This disparity is not only unfortunate but also alarming, as it suggests that viewers are not always making choices based on the quality or merit of the films they watch. While there have been several critically acclaimed films made in recent years featuring talented industry outsiders, these films have often struggled to find an audience. This is a sad reflection of our collective mindset, which seems to prioritize celebrity status and family connections over genuine talent.

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Contrasting Box-Office Earnings

To illustrate this contrast, let’s take a look at some examples of films that had industry outsiders compared to films featuring industry kids. While some really good content-based movies received international recognition and accolades, they failed to make an impact at the box office. In comparison, some really terrible masala movies starring Star-kids made hundreds of crores.

Source: Movie Poster/Movie Still


Source: Movie Posters
Source: Movie Posters

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Source: Movie Posters


Source: Movie Posters

Viewers Are Responsible

While it is important to continue discussing nepotism and ways to create a more level playing field for talented outsiders, we must also hold ourselves accountable as viewers. We need to ask ourselves some hard questions. What do we watch? Why do we go to the cinema? And how much do our choices influence the earnings of films? These are important questions that we should be asking ourselves, but we often shy away from them, perhaps because the answers may be uncomfortable.

It is up to us to support films that are genuinely deserving of our attention, regardless of the celebrity status or family connections of the people involved. By doing so, we can play a small but significant role in creating a more equitable and meritocratic film industry.

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In conclusion, while nepotism is an issue that needs to be addressed, viewers also need to take responsibility for the choices they make. We have the power to make a difference by supporting films based on their quality and merit, rather than on the celebrity status or family connections of those involved. By doing so, we can help create a more level playing field for talented outsiders and promote a more equitable and fair film industry.

(All box office collections are rounded to INR Crores and taken from the official website of Box Office India)

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