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With our leading ladies taking the stage and representing India on a bigger platform and making it in Hollywood, there have been times when our crowd favourites have also worked on small cameos over the years.

There have been many instances where certain cameo scenes have been victim to a lot of public scrutinies simply because the scenes have been too short and the audience believes that they deserve more than mere minutes of screen time.

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Let’s take a look at some of the actors who have had small cameos in Hollywood movies: 

1. Ali Fazal : 

Ali Fazal was seen in the hugely successful movie, ‘Furious 7’ but his screen time was merely about 100 seconds. He plays the character of Safar who is an Emirati garage owner and a close friend of Megan Ramsey and is seen talking mostly about an amazing car that was placed in the garage for the entirety of his screen time. There have been reports where the actor has stated that his role was a small cameo and that he doesn’t make anything big of it. 

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2. Anil Kapoor: 

How excited were you to see Bollywood’s beloved celebrity Anil Kapoor on screen with Tom Cruise? He starred in Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol where his screen time was hardly 165 seconds.

When his fans saw him as Brij Nath they were not ecstatic about the fact that he played hide and seek throughout his screen time and a couple of minutes later was seen unconscious. This comes as a surprise because Anil is already a known face to the English audience due to his work in, ’24’ and ‘Slumdog Millionaire’. 

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3. Irrfan Khan: 

The late actor Irrfan Khan was a part of the cult classic ‘Jurassic World’ but his fans were utterly disappointed by how little screen time he got during the movie. You could only see him for about 250 seconds as ‘Simon Masrani’.

His character too was not given much emphasis and is led to death in the third act itself. He has previously done some noteworthy work in movies like ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘The Namesake’. Another one of his projects, ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ also ended on the same note, with him dying on the Brooklyn bridge. 

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4. Amitabh Bachchan: 

The ‘Big B’ of Bollywood is someone who is recognized and revered by all who work in the industry. His presence and contribution to Indian cinema have been immaculate which is why it may come as a surprise when you see someone of his stature for only 275 seconds in ‘The Great Gatsby’ alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

His fans however exclaimed that his performance as Meyer Wolfsheim, a flamboyant and suave Jewish moneylender was very impactful and nothing short of stellar. With the only exception that his screen time was not satisfactory, to say the least. 

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5. Pankaj Tripathi: 

Pankaj has been a very critically acclaimed actor for his performance in a number of movies. From being a familiar face in television to starring on the silver screen his career is nothing short of inspiring. But his work in ‘Extraction’ failed to reflect that. Even though actor.

Randeep Hooda was given a more convincing and important character in the movie, Pankaj was seen for less than a minute in the entire movie. He plays the role of an Indian gangster whose son had been kidnapped and appeared for a total of 55 seconds. Pankaj commented that his role may have been a short one but it is one of great importance in an interview with The Indian Express.


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