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People are hooked on OTT platforms nowadays, some of the best web series are also available for free on some platforms like Jio Cinema. After the immense success of the first season of Asur, fans have been anticipating the release of Asur 2. After a three-year gap, Asur Season 2 has turned out to be equally attention-grabbing and thrilling. The plot is gripping and will keep you on the edge. The characters of the series have done a fantastic job this season and each one of them has a purpose and an important part to play.


Here we have discussed the noteworthy characters of Asur 2 as without their contribution the narrative would have been incomplete:

1. Barun Sobti – Nikhil Nair

Barun aka Nikhil Nair’s character in Asur never fails to put an impact. In Season 2 his character undergoes a considerable change after losing his daughter and separating from his wife in Season 1. His comeback from a broken man to an efficient and trustworthy agent in Asur 2 is commendable.

barun-sobti-asur 2

2. Arshad Warsi – Dhananjay Rajput

Dhananjay Rajput, DJ has delivered a power-packed performance in Asur 2. His character also went through a transformation this season. From seeking peace in a monastery to killing Shubh’s followers, his portrayal of a cop who apparently went rogue is engaging.

Arshad Warsi - Dhananjay Rajput asur 2

3. Vishesh Bansal – Young Shubh Joshi

Vishesh is no doubt one of the best performers in Asur 2. He played the character of teen Shubh Joshi with perfection. Despite being so young Vishesh’s expressions and dialogue delivery were on point. He delivered those complex dialogues with ease and the depth of his acting is very impressive.

shubh joshi asur 2

4. Gaurav Arora – Kesar Bhardwaj

Kesar played by Gaurav Arora is a complicated character. In the first season of Asur, the audiences were unaware of his past but in Asur 2, his past is revealed. Kesar has a rough and disturbing past that explains his present character. As the plot grows, you can feel the hold of Kesar in the narrative.

Gaurav Arora -Kesar Bhardwaj

5. Amey Wagh – Rasool Sheikh

Amey Wagh played the character Rasool Sheikh in Asur 2. Rasool plays an important part in Shubh’s plan. He manages to hide his true identity from the CBI even after being a mole. No one easily accepts that he might be involved in the killings. His facial expressions with minimal emotion often confuse the audience and add suspense to the plot. As the plot developes everyone awaits to see his final plight.

Amey Wagh - Rasool Sheikh

6. Riddhi Dogra – Nusrat Saeed

Nusrat Saeed played by the talented actress Riddhi Dogra is a forensic specialist who works for the CBI. She is very efficient at her work and has a secret liking for Nikhil. She is too involved in Shubh’s case and does everything to help solve it. In Asur 2, Nusrat’s past has also been revealed which involves something criminal. Even after becoming Shubh’s victim, she still holds on and displays strong character development.

Riddhi dogra- nusrat saeed

7. Anupriya Goenka – Naina

Anupriya played the tech expert Naina in the web series Asur 2. After losing her child and seeking revenge, she continues to cooperate with Dhananjay Rajput and her husband Nikhil Nair to crack the case of Shubh. Though she is not on good terms with her husband, she is always there to assist him and the CBI team to crack the complicated algorithms.

Anupriya Goenka - Naina asur 2

8. Meiyang Chang – Paul Shangpliang

Paul Shangpilang is played by the actor Meiyang Chang who is an intricate member of the Anti-Terror Force (ATF). He has a strong character who strives and often succeeds to maintain his leadership throughout the second Season of Asur 2. Despite not being able to trust DJ and doubting Nikhil’s mental state, he still cooperates with them to solve the complicated and dangerous case with courage and confidence.

Meiyang Chang - Paul Shangpliang

9. Adithi Kalkunte Shyamprasad – Ishani Chaudhary

Adithi Kalkunte Shyamprasad delivered an impeccable performance in Asur 2 as Ishani. She is one of the best actors who played a cop who is alert and believes in her instincts and gut feeling. Ishani’s gut feeling about Rasool turns out to be correct and it is due to her that his identity is revealed. Ishani is the one who finds out that Rasool is Shubh’s accomplice hiding among them. It is very unfortunate that she ends up being just another victim of Shubh.

Ishani Chaudhary

10. Barkha Bisht – Vrinda Shrivastav

Vrinda Shrivastava played by Barkha has limited screen time in Asur 2 but her character does leave a mark. Vrinda is portrayed as a blind woman who happens to be one of the survivors of the poisoning at Trilok Dham, Haridwar. DJ finds her while searching for Shubh and investigating his background. Barkha did a commendable job in playing the blind sculptor, Vrinda.


11. Atharva Vishwakarma – Anant

Anant played by the young kid Atharva is first seen when DJ lives in a monastery in the mountains. The young kid is displayed as a messenger of God who can do miracles. He is shown to have powers as he stops a public bus from a landslide, and saves a young kid who goes missing. Atharva leaves a mark by playing a subtle, calm, and learned kid who showcases godlike behaviour.

Atharva Vishwakarma - Anant

If you haven’t watched Asur 2 yet, watch it now! The series has got a unique and thrilling plot and one of the best Hindi web series released this year which shouldn’t be missed.

If you have already watched it do let us know in the comments who you feel is the best character in Asur 2.

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