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 Gaurav Shukla hit the jackpot by releasing the second season of Asur. The most awaited web series that took 3 years to come up with a record-breaking season 2 that has hooked the audience. Asur 2 has a gripping plot and a terrific cast who have managed to play their part with utter perfection. The mythological thriller series became a super hit because of its out-of-the-box and extremely creative narrative.


Here is an overview of the plot of Asur

Barun Sobti and Arshad Warsi play important roles in the thriller web series. It is about a psychopath killer by the name of Shubh who wants to create a new world that is dominated by the Asur (devil). He believes that goodness does not persist in this world and that humanity will be taken over by evil. According to Shubh, Asur is not the villain. He had a disturbed childhood where his father made him believe that he is the Asur.

The story revolves around his childhood and the present time. Meanwhile, the CBI is on a mission to hunt Shubh as he is creating havoc by killing people and planning mass murders. The CBI has Nikhil Nair played by Barun Sobti who is dragged into the case by the mastermind. Nikhil is first showcased as a forensic expert who is leading a peaceful life with his family in the USA. He receives a string of messages that includes dead bodies of gruesome murders and coordinates of the next murder victim of Shubh (Asur).

asur 2 ending explained

Nikhil is bound to join the CBI again and it gets revealed that he left CBI almost 10 years ago because he had a disagreement with Dhananjay Rajput after he found out that he had led to the arrest of juvenile Shubh by planting false evidence. The connections between all the incidents unfold eventually with each passing episode.

The official synopsis of Asur 2 stated,

“The devastating events of Season 1 take a heavy toll on everyone involved in the hunt for Asur. Season 2 chronicles the rise of the dark side and continues the high-octane chase as the CBI is racing against time to gather evidence and hunt down the serial killer.“


The application of artificial intelligence by Shubh to carry out his evil plan

The basis of this thrilling web series is Hindu mythology which says that we get closer to God for our good deeds and near the devil for our bad ones. It also suggests that every being has both good and evil within them. The holy Bhagavad Gita says that all human beings have both divine qualities (daivi sampad) and demonic qualities (asuri sampad) residing in them. There have been conflicts between Devas and Asuras since ages, which are at their peak in Kaliyug, the final stage.


The antagonist, Shubh plans to stage a face-off between Kali and Kalki(god). His mission is to prove that the bad side tastes victory in the end

Shubh plans to achieve this by using AI (Artificial Intelligence). He plans to bring about a revolution and succeeds in gaining a lot of followers who treat him like their God and follow his instructions almost blindly. It is later revealed that Shubh has been using AI to predict each of his victim’s actions by monitoring their every move which always kept him ahead of his seekers. The CBI tries hard to crack Shubh’s game plan but each time they fall behind, the world is on the verge of destruction.

Asur-season 3

Asur 2 Ending Explained

The ending involves a final face-off between 11-year-old boy Anant and the Asur. The boy Anant is cast as Lord Vishnu’s reincarnation. He is portrayed as the good among the evil which is a threat to Shubh’s master plan. The miracle boy Anant is forced to make a serious choice when he is provided with a remote control with two buttons. Pressing one will kill those who believe in him and God and the other button will perish those who worship evil.

Both cases are bound to bring about mass deaths and if he fails to make a choice then everybody gets killed. With the immense pressure on the kid, DJ tries his best to stall Anant from making a choice. Moreover, there are two sonic bombs planted by Shubh, one at the ghat and the other at a conference of scientists. The CBI team tries hard to find the location and diffuse the bombs to prevent mass murder.

Atharva Vishwakarma - Anant

The clock ticking builds up the tension and in the final few seconds, DJ develops a plan to let the Sonic bomb go off. He gets leverage for a few seconds when he spots Shubh at the Ghat. He injures Shubh by shooting him. Dhananjay finally manages to arrest Asur but Nilkhil plans to go against the rules and decides to punish Shubh by himself.

Nikhil visits Shubh in prison and shakes his hand like a normal gesture. But later it is disclosed that his hand was laced with poison which is why Asur meets his end.

Arshad Warsi - Dhananjay Rajput asur 2

But is the ending that simple? Or there is something more. Will there be Asur Season 3?

Perspective 1

Asur 2 did deliver closure to many elements but it is still uncertain that the real Shubh is dead for good. There is a high possibility that the man who was shot down wasn’t the real Asur. In the two Seasons of Asur, it has been cleared that Kali is invincible and Shubh being evil already has a cult that supports his idea of evil winning over good.

asur 2 reviews

Perspective 2

There is a scene in the end when DJ goes to meet Vrinda. Vrinda is a blind woman who is the only person close to Shubh. She goes missing which might suggest that she could be the new Asur. It is also possible that Vrinda and Shubh might be expecting a baby who would be the next Asur who will seek revenge.


Though there are no updates yet about Asur Season 3 it seems that Asur will make a comeback with a brand new Season to surprise the audience.

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