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The eagerly anticipated Om Raut movie Adipurush has finally hit the silver screen. The movie stars a wide range of superstars, including Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, and Saif Ali Khan. To see the outstanding performances of their favorite performers in this epic drama, fans rushed to theaters in record numbers. With a fantastic advance booking, expectations were soaring high.

However, it appears that it has not lived up to its grand scale and the legendary story of the Ramayana. It is because Twitter and other social media platforms are abuzz with a wave of disappointing reviews.

Despite being made on a budget of approximately Rs. 500 crores, Adipurush has failed to meet the sky-high expectations set by its larger-than-life production and captivating narrative. Despite the grandeur of the movie and its famous story, the audience doesn’t appear to have connected with it. As a result, a campaign advocating for a boycott of Adipurush has become more popular. The calls reflect the various concerns and complaints of disgruntled fans.

The reasons driving this growing demand for a boycott vary, with fans expressing their disappointment through social media platforms. The film’s inability to live up to the immense anticipation has left many feeling let down and dissatisfied. Fans are continuously expressing their frustrations and sharing their critical opinions about the film and its elements.

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1. Lord Ram’s look

The depiction of Lord Ram in the movie has drawn criticism from viewers who think he looks more like Jesus than a Hindu god. This issue has sparked heated discussions and debates on social media platforms. The debate regarding Lord Ram’s appearance has added to the general criticism of the movie’s production and faithfulness to the original material.


2. Ravan’s spiky hairstyle

Another point of contention among fans was Ravan’s hairstyle, which drew criticism for resembling the hairstyle sported by cricketer Virat Kohli. This resemblance did not sit well with viewers, who felt that it detracted from the authenticity of the character.


3. Ravan’s tapori dialogues

Fans criticized some of Ravan’s dialogues delivered by Saif Ali Khan, deeming them cringe-worthy and tapori. Dialogues like

“Jo humari behno ko haath lagaayenge, unki lanka laga denge” (We will set fire to the land of those who harm our sisters) sparked widespread criticism. Twitter users struggled to comprehend dialogues such as “Teri bua ka bageecha hai, jo hawa khane aa gaya?” (Are you here to enjoy your aunt’s garden?) or “Jali na teri? Ab aur jalegi” (Are you burned? You’ll burn even more now).

4. Lord Hanuman’s unrealistic look

People also complained about how Lord Hanuman was portrayed in the movie. Hanuman appearing to hold air within his mouth to mimic the classic representation of the god was one particular detail that received criticism. This creative choice did not resonate well with viewers, who found it unrealistic and detracted from the authenticity of the character.


5. Lord Hanuman’s cringe-worthy dialogues

Lord Hanuman’s dialogues also faced criticism from fans, who described them as “subpar” and disrespectful. Particularly during the Lanka Dahan scene, Lord Hanuman is heard uttering the line “jalegi bhi tere baap ki” (Your father will also burn). These dialogues were deemed inappropriate and lacking in reverence, leading to disappointment among viewers.


6. Lord Hanuman’s greeting

Fans were unhappy with how Lord Hanuman’s greeting was portrayed in the movie. Lord Hanuman often bows to people by folding his hands, but the film gave it a new appearance similar to Black Panther’s “Wakanda forever” gesture when he met Sita.

7. Indrajit’s tattooed body

The makers of the film received criticism from many spectators for the portrayal of Indrajit, who appeared to resemble a Viking with a heavily tattooed body. This creative choice sparked controversy and drew attention to the perceived inconsistency with the character’s traditional depiction.


8. Dramatic Ram-Sita bond

Angry viewers complained that the relationship between Ram and Sita was sensationalized in the movie and voiced their displeasure with the portrayal of it. The depiction of their relationship was met with criticism, as viewers believed it exaggerated certain aspects for a sensual effect.


9. Poor history homework

Numerous netizens drew attention to a historical mistake in the movie, emphasizing the fact that Sita was never taken to the battlefield, in contrast to what was shown in the film. This discrepancy in historical accuracy became a topic of discussion among viewers, raising concerns about the film’s adherence to the original narrative of the Ramayana.

10. Poor costume choice

The film faced criticism from netizens regarding poor costume choices, as it depicted the use of leather material and Ravan wearing t-shirts, which were deemed historically inaccurate for the time period of the Ramayana. Many viewers pointed out this discrepancy, highlighting the mismatch between the film’s costumes and the era it aimed to represent.


11. Ravan’s comedic 10 faces

Fans expressed their dissatisfaction with Ravan’s portrayal in the film, particularly with the depiction of his comedic double-decker faces. This creative choice received criticism as it deviated from the traditional depiction of Ravan’s ten faces. Viewers felt that the comedic interpretation diminished the impact of the character.


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