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 Bollywood sequels that did not live up to the legacy of the originals. In fact, they destroyed it.

1. Housefull 2, 3, & 4

Remember the 2010 Housefull? Well, we all had our moments of splits while watching panauti Aarush building a web of lies only to win the approval of his girlfriend’s brother. Its sequel, Housefull 2, was an extravagant comedy of chaos with multiple undercurrent plots and weird dialogues that resulted in utter confusion. But nonetheless, the film had entertaining moments that the audience relished. But the franchise kept on getting worse with every sequel. Each new part was a new low with its cringe comedy and unbelievable performances that we would have been better without.

worst bollywood sequels
Bollywood Hungama

2. Ek Villain Returns

No, I am not from Ek Villain fandom, but the film was a real gem in contrast to its sequel, which had nothing to offer. The movie had no plot or story but four toxic characters seeking vengeance against the world, their family, and each other. A bunch of illogical scenes were concocted to create the film where the audience ended up loving and hating no one. Add to it immense objectification and Arjun Kapoor’s obsession with “marna chalega, harna nahi!”

worst bollywood movies sequels

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3. Krrish 3

The simplicity and heartwarming quality of Koi… Mil Gaya and Krrish went to drains when the filmmakers decided to add a Part 3 to the franchise. From Rohit winning over his disability to Krishna becoming a Krrish, we had seen all we needed to celebrate a perfect franchise. Krrish 3 scarred the legacy of its predecessors by becoming some supersonic shiz about weird-ass shapeshifting mutants serving some random evil genius called Kaal. We didn’t need this extra random display of tech and VFX in the name of a sequel that ruined the flavour of the originals.

bollywood films sequels

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4. Dhoom 3

We all loved the Dhoom franchise until the makers dropped part 3 and made the series commercial. The third installment of the series met with a similar fate in terms of audience reaction as Krrish 3 did. The film was all about Sahir, played by Aamir Khan, and his twin brother, while Aaliya, played by Katrina Kaif, had close to zero contribution to the plot. (I have no clue what makes the makers think that one can compromise storytelling for better graphics.)

bad bollywood sequels
Times of India

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5. Bunty Aur Babli 2

The 2005 story of two small-town misfits, Bunty and Babli, turning to fraud to make ends meet was entertaining AF. It should have been left there in the audience’s minds, a reminder of nostalgia and good old Bollywood films. But no, they made a sequel out of it. Bunty and Babli 2 is a pretentious sequel that tries its best to hold on to its legacy. However, poor storytelling destroyed it. Also, it’s difficult for the audience to process a new Bunty when the story is in continuation of its predecessor.

bad bollywood movies - worst sequels

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6. Double Dhamaal

We all love and remember our childhood comedy, Dhamaal. It hurt when they ruined it by dropping a superficial sequel. The second installment of the franchise was everything its predecessor was not – boring, confusing, and unfunny. The characters were too loud, and the plot did not make sense. But you know the makers didn’t stop it there but dropped another sequel called Total Dhamaal? I couldn’t be more excited about watching it. (PUN INTENDED)

bad bollywood sequels

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7. Yamla Pagla Deewana 2

Tell me the most Bollywoodie way to make a cliché comedy? I’ll tell you: populate the cast with ridiculous characters for no reason and let the film not make any sense. Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 is essentially a cringe comedy with a larger budget. The movie has a bunch of patchy scenes with pretentious characters trying to be funny and weird at the same time. Oh… and they also have an effing orangutan in the movie to add to their premise of a mindless comedy.

bad sequels bollywood films

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8. Grand Masti Great Grand Masti

Masti was how the genre of sex comedies essentially sprung in India. We had Vivek Oberoi, Aftab, and Riteish Deshmukh seeking an extra-marital affair with Lara Datta. The film had moments of comedy, and ended with the message to stay faithful to spouses. But the sequels that followed were crass and reeked of misogyny and blatant sexism. We wonder how on earth they even got approved!

worst sequels bollywood films
Bollywood Hungama

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9. Judwaa 2

Judwaa 2 is essentially the cut-copy-paste of its predecessor. The film had nothing new to offer apart from a hi-fi camera and a younger cast. The film is too loud, and the comedy is too cringe. The makers remixed two of the popular songs from the original (Oonchi Hai Building & Chalti Hai Kya 9 Se 12) to deliver two highly pompous dance numbers that are the only two things one takes away from the so-called sequel.

bad bollywood sequels

In case you’re someone who has not watched any of these sequels, I’d say you’re blessed!

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