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In the name of entertainment, over the years, many a time, we’ve seen people deifying some incredibly popular characters in movies and shows, forgoing their toxic personality traits just by virtue of their popularity. Here’s a list of 8 such immensely well-loved characters we don’t understand.

1. The sense of entitlement and toxicity Kabir Singh served us in his justification called ‘LOVE’ remains unmatchable…

toxic popular indian characters

2. But let’s not forget Kabir Singh OG, Arjun Reddy

worst indian film characters

3. Naina was a bad friend. She was selfish, mean, snarky, and oh, remember how she relentlessly fat-shamed her best friend, Sweetu

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Bollywood toxic characters

4. Ayan may have been attracted to Alizeh, but he was a man-child who couldn’t handle rejection

worst bollywood characters

5. Jethalal, a married middle-aged man, keeps ogling at another woman. He’s neither *cute* nor *funny*

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Indian tv shows toxic TMKOC

6. No, Bunny didn’t really care about anybody other than himself

worst indian fictional charatcers

7. Tanu was manipulative, controlling, and self-centred. She treated her husband most objectionably

bollywood movies toxic
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8. All Anjali had to do was become ‘conventionally’ pretty for Rahul to fall in love with her in the blink of an eye

toxic Indian film characters

Which name would you add?


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