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While Hollywood is quite famous for its well-crafted successful science fiction, it is one genre where Bollywood struggles miserably. Even though we have some sci-fi movies that became massive hits at the box office – Mr. India, Krrish, PK, etc., there have been many who failed miserably. Here are 10 such sci-fi movies, that failed miserably and turned out to be torture for the audience. Rather than sci-fi, they should be called comedies!  Watch them at your own risk!

1. Love Story 2050

A remake of HG Wells’ Time Machine, Love Story 2050 is too long and unnecessarily cheesy. In this movie, a guy makes use of a time machine, to meet the reincarnated version of his girlfriend, who dies in her previous life. The movie flopped as it failed in showing a love story or the world in 2050. Clearly intended as a star vehicle for Harmen Baweja, both the actor and the movie failed to impress. The Special Effects are not worth the hype. With ridiculous villain cropping up suddenly out of nowhere makes this movie mind-bogglingly pathetic! Rather than sci-fi, it’s better to call it a comedy!

2. Jaane Hoga Kya

Starring Bipasha Basu, Aftab Shivdasani, and Preeti Jhangiani, Jaane Hoga Kya was based on the concept of cloning. Aftab plays the role of a scientist who wants to create a human clone. But as he succeeds, the clone is more dangerous than one could have even imagined.

3. Drona

Though Drona is a superhero movie, there is nothing ‘super’ about it. The movie came with extravagant VFX that was believed to be path-breaking and a hit at the box office. But, when a superhero performed a fight scene while wearing a sherwani, many were hardly impressed. The movie revolves around an orphaned boy Aditya, who realizes that he has been bestowed with the mystic source of cosmic energy since he belongs to ancestral warriors.

4. Alag

Based on a great concept, the movie Alag failed to impress the audience. The movie revolves around a man, who has powers of Telekinesis. Locked in a dark basement of his house by his father, Tejas has to face the real world as his father passes away.

5. Sona Spa

The movie encourages people not to pop sleeping pills or drink alcohol to get sleep. But instead come to the world of Sona Spa, where young women are paid to sleep on your behalf. The twist: These ‘sleeping girls’ get access to your dreams and deep secrets as well. Now, even if you have been sleeping well, this movie has the power to make you sleep again.

6. Aa Dekhen Zara

The movie is based on a story of a struggling photographer, Ray, who gets access to his grandfather’s camera. The camera possesses magical powers of predicting the future and this is what makes Ray become rich. But sadly, this plot failed to get the audience to the theatres which resulted in empty seats!

7. A Flying Jatt

Starring Tiger Shroff, a flying jatt proved to be a disaster. The movie revolved around Aman, a martial arts teacher, who discovers his superpowers when he engages in a fight with Raka, a mercenary. However, Raka is exposed to toxic waste and becomes more powerful and Aman must defeat him.

8. Mr. X

Mr. X is the story of a man who gets invisibility powers and becomes a vigilante to take revenge on people who have wronged him. The film stars Emraan Hashmi in the lead role.

9. Joker

Starring Akshay Kumar, Joker is a fantasy adventure film and India’s first extra-terrestrial comedy. The movie revolves around a space scientist working on a project to communicate with aliens, who visit a village called Paglapur. Not only this movie proved to be a disaster at the box office, it was nothing less than torture.

10. Brahmastra

Speaking of sci-fi disappointments, it’s hard to overlook the Ranbir-Alia starrer ‘Brahmastra.’ Despite its marketing as a sci-fi film, Ayan Mukherjee’s ‘Brahmastra’ ended up being more of a love story. The makers seemed to believe that sprinkling some visual effects would suffice to classify it as a sci-fi film. Moreover, the film suffered from the inclusion of lackluster horrible dialogues, which truly fell flat. It was a missed opportunity and left many viewers feeling disappointed, almost like a joke.

*All images are from respective movies

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