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The 2018 anthology film Lust Stories generated a lot of hype and was quite successful on Netflix, an OTT service. Despite receiving praise and criticism from the crowd, the movie made an enduring impression. Now, the sequel to the series, Lust Stories 2, has recently made its Netflix debut. Needless to say, it has quickly garnered popularity as one of the platform’s hottest flicks. Like its predecessor, Lust Stories 2, this sequel offers four engrossing stories.

The anticipation surrounding this film was palpable, and fans are effusively praising the performances of the actors. However, one particular artist who has captured the spotlight is Anushka Kaushik, essaying the role of Rekha in Lust Stories 2 alongside Kajol.

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Anushka has become well-known for playing the iconic character Vidhi Gupta in the online series Crash Course, but little is known about her personal life. As people continue to marvel at how flawlessly she delivers intimate scenes, Anushka recently divulged her own thoughts about the film, the newfound popularity she has attained, and her experiences shooting those intimate moments.

Anushka Kaushik/Instagram

Anushka Kaushik reveals about her experience with Lust Stories 2

In an exclusive interview with The Free Press Journal, Anushka sat down to discuss her recent performance in Lust Stories 2. She also discussed the movie’s success and the positive reception she has garnered for her performance in Lust Stories 2. Expressing her delight, she shared,

“I am happy. Our story has received tons of love from people. We created something with lots of love and hard work. I am happy that I got an opportunity to be a part of it. Both Kajol ma’am and Kumud sir were very considerate about the people around them.”

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She also talked about how the whole crew of the film made actors comfortable despite having a complex story. She said,

“The entire team made me feel comfortable on the sets. Despite two big names being a part of the story, people have recognized me and that was something I really wanted. I wasn’t sure about how I would perform but I’m happy after reading all the reviews.”


Anushka also showered praises on fellow co-star Kajol and recounts her experience of working alongside the seasoned actress. She said,

“I used to dance to Kajol Ma’am’s songs when I was in school. And now sharing screen with her is definitely a dream come true for me. When we were reading for the first time, I was in awe of her. She was very professional and considerate about my ideas. She also appreciated everything and I really enjoyed being with her.”


Anushka Kaushik reveals the hesitation she initially had about intimate scenes.

Later on, actress Anushka Sharma admits that she had reservations about performing intimate scenes.  Speaking about this, she said,

“Initially, I was skeptical. But when I signed Lust Stories 2, I was inclined with the thoughts and ideas of my director. Once I am a part of the story, I deliver it with utmost honesty. I started my journey with theatre and YouTube.”

She added that due to her hesitation, she previously rejected many projects and doubt if her audience would love that. She said,

“So, I had said no to a lot of projects that had intimate scenes. I used to wonder if the audience will like what I’m doing. But now people have understood why those scenes are important and what is the voice of the story. These scenes are not for any kind of masala but for the story. So, I was concerned about how they wanted to portray me also because there were very few dialogues. But everything was beautifully shot.”

Lastly, Anushka thanks everyone for their time and thanks the OTT platform industry for the opportunity it has given her. She said,

“I’ve enjoyed playing various characters and I consider myself lucky that I’ve got the opportunity to play versatile roles in different stories. I’ve got to explore so much. It’s a pleasure to entertain the audience with different roles.”

On a work front, Anushka Kaushik is a renowned name in the realm of online series. Her acting career began with SP Chauhan when she made a strong first impression and displayed her talent. In the same year, she also appeared in a supporting capacity, in the hit series Made in Heaven.

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It was in 2019 that Anushka truly shone, portraying Jaskirath in the Amazon Prime web series, Flames Season 2. Since then, Anushka has appeared in countless short films created by The Viral Fever, continuously putting up fascinating performances. In 2022, she took on big parts in the online series Ghar Waapsi and Netflix’s Thar.

Anushka Kaushik/Instagram 

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