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 Mouni Roy found herself in a state of distress as she arrived at Mumbai airport on a Wednesday morning, only to realize that she had forgotten her passport at home. A video circulating on a paparazzo account captured the tense moments as the actor frantically searched her bag in vain. She even approached the CISF staff stationed at the airport entrance, who informed her that entry would not be possible without her passport.

In the shared online clip, Mouni can be seen arriving at the airport, clearly panicked upon realizing her mistake just before catching an international flight. Digging into her bag and making urgent phone calls, she sought a solution to her emergency. Eventually, she decided to share the details of the incident with the photographers stationed around the airport.

Speaking to the gathered paparazzi, Mouni expressed, “Ho gaya… passport bhul gayi” (It’s done… I forgot my passport), to which one of the photographers responded with surprise, exclaiming, “Are baap re” (Oh my goodness). Mouni had no choice but to wait until her passport arrived before she could enter the airport and proceed with her travel plans.

Here’s the viral video: 

Mouni’s incident has attracted significant attention, with many comments pouring in on the video, showcasing the public’s interest in the well-known actor’s unexpected predicament.

“Airport look mein itna busy ho gaye ke passport hi bhool gaye” “Won’t forget to call the paps””Airport look- Checked Expensive bag- Checked Shades- Checked Diva attitude- Checked Passport- ? Kya mtlb passport bhi chahiye?”“She probably wasn’t even going anywhere. Just came for the airport paps photoshoot and went back.” “That must have been pretty embarrassing, especially with media there but she handled it pretty well.”“What else does the huge Dior bag carry?πŸ˜‚πŸ’€”

“Has anyone seen the video of that kid going to school without his school bag? Just got reminded of thatπŸ˜†” “Phone karke mangwa leti passport, isme waapis jaane ki kya jarurat thi” “This is what happens when “airport look” and “calling paps” become more important than air travel checklist”

“Q- What starts with ‘P’ that is a must at the airport ? Mouni – Pa..pparazi” “Is this for publicity? Can’t think of a kind of person that would go to the airport without passport.”“Wow , the entitlement. she thought they will allow her to board the plane without passport for being a celebrity.” “Why did she act as if she can travel without passport? I guess even SRK can’t do that. Passport is important!”

“Should have transformed into a Nagin and sneaked in hidden in some trolly.””Maam didn’t forget to inform the paps about her going to the airport but couldn’t bother remembering carrying the passport 😌”

What do you think about the incident? Has it ever happened to you? Tell us in the comments below.

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