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 Salman Khan and Bigg Boss go together, don't they? His followers, however, are now angry with him and have criticised him for no longer caring about Bigg Boss. After someone posted his ideas on Reddit, others claimed Salman was only doing the show for "money and greed" and that he no longer has any interest in it. 

A Reddit user wrote, “Salman Khan doesn’t seem interested in the show anymore. After Season 14 it has just massively dropped!"


They added, "He doesn't even laugh or joke anymore. No dance entry on wkw, have u noticed this? No jallad no caller of the week. No interesting things. No facial expression or anything. He just doesnt seem to care anymore. I hope he realizes how much we love him as a host and how much this disinterest bothers us! Idk if his health is fine or not, apparently he is a patient of trigeminal neuralgia and it can be very painful, but im not sure if thats what bothering him or is there something else? But pls agar pese lere ho show ke toh give it ur heart. Sirf for the sake of it akey krke mt jao.”

Salman Khan doesn’t seem interested in the show anymore. After Season 14 it has just massively dropped!
by u/fluffyhopkins in biggboss

Commenting on this, one wrote, “No screen time, late, not showing up, not even one smile , snarky comments at the bb team and contestants. Dude has given up on bb now days and just raking in the cash.”

Another added, “Actually this has been case with movies as well. His last film as well there was no much effort. Though he is hard working and works long hours but there is no quality in his work.”

A third wrote, “600 cr. For showing up once a week for merely 2 hours!! But literally bhoi earned this repo over 30 years in the industry!! They just need a brand to get the engagement for the show, what if krushna became the permanent host will people still watch it like now!! I don't think so!!.”


The second season of Bigg Boss OTT, which can be seen on JioCinema, is presently being hosted by Salman Khan. The actor has hosted Bigg Boss since season 4 of 2010.

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