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 Indian film director Vivek Agnihotri is known to say whatever comes to his mind, and especially when the conversation is controversial to begin with, there is no holding him back. Now, he has decided to talk about Om Raut's Adipurush which bombed at the box office due to the nature of controversies it had over the dialogue-writing, CGI, etc. 

Many people lashed out at the film for falsely depicting the Ramayana epic, by using 'offensive' dialogues and cheap mediocre VFX. In fact, things got so out of hand that many celebrities also asked for the film to be banned and criticised the filmmakers for making it in the first place. Now, Agnihotri has decided to target Prabhas, who played the role of Lord Ram in the film. 

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During a conversation with ETimes, the Kashmir Files director said that if filmmakers lack proper conviction, faith and belief in mythological and religious stories, the film will fail due to the actor's in ability to understand the depth of it. He said it is important to do your research and be knowledgeable of the sensitive elements of the story before making a film like this. 

He said, “When you make something you don't believe in, just because aajkal yeh chal raha hai (only because it is trending), you are definitely going to go wrong. When you pick up stories of faith, either you yourself should have 100% conviction or you should be well versed in the subject like a historian, but unfortunately, no one does that in India." 

He also said that the audience will not buy it that an actor is good enough to play the role of God if their real-life actions are not in order. 

“If someone comes on screen and says, Hey I'm God, it doesn't make you God. If you are being driven home drunk every night, you cannot turn around tomorrow and say I'm God, believe me. Nobody is going to believe that. People are not idiots,” he said. 


However, he said all of this without naming anyone but it does not take a genius to guess that he was talking about Prabhas. 


Agnihotri is presently working on multiple projects -- his new web series The Kashmir Files Unreported, which shows the story of real-life survivors from the 1990 exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in Jammu and Kashmir and The Vaccine War, a film based on the scientists who swiftly came up with the COVID-19 vaccine. 

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