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 It is disheartening to witness the societal pressure that leads individuals to feel inadequate and ultimately resort to cosmetic surgery. In recent times, the prevalence of celebrities undergoing surgical procedures has become more apparent, reflecting the extent to which this trend has permeated our society.

Instead of concealing her cosmetic surgery, Uorfi Javed took to social media to reveal she got undereye fillers. 

At first, she shared an unfiltered photo of herself with the text, ‘I was trolled so much because of my dark circles, I got under eye fillers and now my face looks f*cked up !! The under eyes are uneven and weird! Now even makeup can’t hide my weird under eyes !! Why did I do this to myself.’

Image: Instagram

She later deleted the story and shared another one.

She wrote, ‘Was so conscious with my undereye dark circles, I always have been. I had them since I was a child. So yea I got undereye fillers and my face looks very… Hoping this will settle. And yeah this is what I look sans make up. I do not wish to be photographed without make up. That’s it. That’s my wish.’

Image: Instagram

Have We Become Under-confident Society? 

The pervasive culture of body shaming and unrealistic beauty standards has created an environment where individuals are constantly made to feel inadequate and uncomfortable in their own skin. In the age of social media, the pressure to conform to a certain ideal has intensified, resulting in heightened self-consciousness and a desire to take drastic measures to alter one’s appearance. It is truly heartbreaking to witness the toll this takes on people’s self-esteem and mental well-being. And, while discussing body image issues, how could we forget to mention how Bollywood promotes body shaming without any shame! 

Celebrities & Culture Of Cosmetic Surgeries

Celebrities, who are often in the spotlight and under constant scrutiny, are not immune to this phenomenon. From Katrina Kaif to Jhanvi Kapoor and countless others, many have been subjected to allegations of undergoing cosmetic surgeries. While it is their personal choice to make, it raises questions about the underlying reasons behind these decisions. Are they motivated by genuine personal desires or driven by the pressure to fit into the predefined beauty standards set by society?

Have We Become Society That Celebrates Artificial Beauty?

Instead of celebrating diversity and embracing natural beauty, the focus has shifted towards achieving an artificial and homogenized appearance. This not only perpetuates harmful beauty ideals but also sends a distressing message to individuals who may already be struggling with their self-image. It is crucial that we foster a culture that encourages self-acceptance, celebrates individuality, and values inner qualities over external appearances.

Ultimately, we should strive for a society where people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, free from judgment and the need to alter their physical features to meet unattainable standards. It is time to promote a more inclusive and compassionate narrative that recognizes and appreciates the uniqueness and beauty inherent in each individual.

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