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 In a heart-wrenching incident that shook the nation, a horrifying video emerged on social media and news channels, exposing the brutal treatment of two women from the Kuki tribe by Meitei men, leaving the world in shock and disgust.

As the nation grappled with this tragedy, voices from various walks of life rose in unison, demanding justice and accountability. Among those who lent their voice was renowned Bollywood director, Vivek Agnihotri, known for his thought-provoking films like The Kashmir Files and The Tashkent Files.

Recently, a Twitter user reached out to Agnihotri, urging him to bring to light the dark reality of Manipur by making a movie – “Manipur Files”.

Responding to the tweet personally, Agnihotri conveyed his gratitude for the faith put in him by the public.

Earlier this week, Agnihotri took to Twitter to discuss The Kashmir Files Unreported, where he passionately wrote about revealing the truth behind the Kashmir Genocide of Hindus, boldly facing those who deny or support such heinous acts.

On another occasion, he called out the Indian judiciary for its alleged inaction in protecting the #RightToLife of Kashmiri Hindus, as enshrined in the constitution. He had mentioned “Indian judiciary stood and stands blind and mute to Kashmiri Hindu Genocide. It failed and still fails to ‘suo moto’ protect the #RightToLife of Kashmiri Hindus as promised in our constitution.”

The Manipur tragedy resonated deeply within the Bollywood community, prompting actors like Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor to use their platforms to amplify the need for swift justice and action. Priyanka Chopra shared her outrage, emphasizing the urgency to address the crimes committed against women, regardless of any situation or circumstance.

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This is indeed a challenging time for the country, with Manipur grappling with ethnic violence for the past two months, resulting in countless fatalities. As the nation mourns the lives lost and seeks solace for the affected, voices like Vivek Agnihotri’s play a vital role in spotlighting these tragedies and calling for change. By turning their craft into a powerful medium for storytelling, Bollywood celebrities can help raise awareness, promote empathy, and ultimately contribute to a more compassionate society.

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